With the launch of House Reborn, the Ambassador-class family has gotten a total remaster! The ship and material have been remade from scratch to match our current graphical standards and faithfulness to visual authenticity. Both the Ambassador and Yamaguchi parts have been rebuilt.

Additionally, if you own the Narendra-Class Support Cruiser [T6], you will now have access to a new material and parts that more faithfully represent the look of the original Probert-created concept for the Ambassador class. The original Narendra parts have been preserved and named “Narendra Beta” as they interact with our existing materials a bit differently.

To apply these updates to your ship, ready your Support Cruiser and visit the Ship Customization screen. Apply the template you want to make sure the updated model appears correctly.

We hope captains who fly the Ambassador enjoy these updates!

Thomas Marrone

Lead Ship & UI Artist

Star Trek Online

On Air Graphic

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