We have a stream-packed December to close out the year 2020! Check below for details on each stream:

Combat Rework

Have questions about the upcoming combat rework changes? Lead Systems Designer Jared "NoWorries" Sears will be joining us for a Q&A stream!

When: Monday, December 7 at 10am PT (when is this for me?)

Where: twitch.tv/crypticstudios

Why: You gotta fight for your right to fiiiiiiiight!

Redeemed Citadel Restrospective

RangerReek will be hosting Senior Systems Designer Asterdahl and Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz for a look back at the Redeemed Citadel content!

When: Wednesday, December 9 at 2pm PT (when is this for me?)

Where: twitch.tv/rangerreek

Why: The past is the present is the future

Winter Festival Casual Play

Join CM Nitocris in the village of Twilight Tor to celebrate Simril!

When: Friday, December 18 at 11am PT (when is this for me?)

Where: twitch.tv/crypticstudios

Why: 'Tis the season!

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