Explore Western Skyrim in the Greymoor Chapter

This sale is now live, but depending on your platform and territory, it ends at different times:

  • Greymoor PC/Mac
    • North America—August 11 @ 1PM EDT
    • Europe—August 11 @ 1PM EDT
  • Standard Edition PC/Mac
    • North America—August 25 @ 1PM EDT
    • Europe—August 25 @ 1PM EDT
  • Greymoor Stadia
    • North America—August 19 @ 3AM EDT
    • Europe— August 19 @ 3AM EDT
  • Standard Edition Stadia
    • North America— August 19 @ 3AM EDT
    • Europe— August 19 @ 3AM EDT
  • Greymoor Xbox One
    • North America—August 11 @ 6AM EDT
    • Europe—August 11 @ 6AM EDT
  • Standard Edition Xbox One
    • North America—August 24 @ 6AM EDT
    • Europe—August 24 @ 6AM EDT
  • Greymoor PlayStation®4
    • North America—August 19 @ 3AM EDT
    • Europe—August 18 @ 7PM EDT
  • Standard Edition PlayStation®4
    • North America—August 19 @ 3AM EDT
    • Europe—August 18 @ 7PM EDT

Visit our Buy Now page right now to make the most out of this sale.

Crown Pack Sale

Also starting now, you can enjoy big-time discounts on Crown Packs for all platforms during the event period, including:

  • 21,000—40% off
  • 14,000—35% off
  • 5,500—30% off
  • 3,000—25% off
  • 1,500—20% off

To grab this deal, visit our Buy Crowns page. Don’t forget, with Crowns, you can pick up a ton of useful and fun items from the in-game Crown Store, including collectibles such as pets, mounts, costumes, and more. Check out everything currently on offer on our Crown Store page.

This Crown Pack sale is now live, and it will continue through August 10 for PC/Mac, Steam, and Xbox One, through August 11 for Stadia, and through August 17 for PlayStation®4—don’t miss out!

Play & Save

Whether you’re a brand-new player looking to try out ESO for the first time, or a veteran who wants to pick up a deal on Crown Packs or the latest Chapter, there’s something for you during the QuakeCon 2020 Free Play and sale period. A ton of amazing livestreams and giveaways are going on during QuakeCon this year, so be sure to check them out as well!

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