Kraglen’s Howl set

“This set is ideal for aggressive players who not only want to cast Ultimates for themselves, but also wish to provide additional support for their teammates,” explains Nadav Pechthold, one of ZOS’s Combat Designers. “With this set, you can lead your pack on a successful hunt.”

In addition to this unique set (and two others), Stone Garden also has a new Monster Mask, called Stone Husk, which when combined with its shoulders can allow your Heavy Attacks to create a damaging tether that also boosts your Weapon Damage.

“Stone Husk adds a mini-game-like experience where positioning your character to maximize the damage and stack generations is key,” says Nadav. “When used by a savvy player, it will both dish out AoE damage and provide up to 450 Weapon Damage.”

Aside from these powerful items, you can also earn some dungeon-specific Collectibles, such as the Mostly Stable Juggling Potions memento earned by completing the dungeon on Veteran difficulty or the “True Genius” title (finally, all of Tamriel shall recognize your superiority!) earned by completing the dungeon on Veteran Hard Mode (all three bosses) with no deaths AND under 20 minutes—phew!

Maniacal Laughter Guaranteed

Whatever the mad alchemist Arkasis is cooking up in his dark laboratory, it’s sure to spell doom for the people of Western Skyrim. Get ready to enter the Stone Garden, battle your way through the mad alchemist’s empowered minions, and put a stop to his dread experiments before it’s too late! Let us know if you’re excited to check out this new Dark Heart of Skyrim dungeon and story via @TESOnline, Instagram, and Facebook.

Part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim year-long adventure, the Stonethorn DLC game pack is coming August 24 for PC/Mac and Stadia, and September 1 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4. This new DLC game pack arrives in tandem with Update 27, a free base-game update for all ESO players.

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