Attention, Ark hunters: it’s time to load up some upgrades for your weapons! Get 30% off any Mod Kit and Mod Cachenow until August 30!

Following kits are available in Defiance 2050:

  • Mid-Caliber Mod Kit
  • High- Caliber Mod Kit
  • Shell Mod Kit
  • Explosive Mod Kit

Following caches are available in Defiance:

  • Premium Assault Mod Cache
  • Premium Shotgun Mod Cache
  • Premium Sniper Rifle Mod Cache
  • Premium Pistol Mod Cache
  • Premium Detonator Mod Cache
  • Premium Rocket Launcher Mod Cache
  • Premium Infector Mod Cache

All deals will end on August 30, 9:00 AM PDT – get them in the in-gamestore while you can!

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