Ark Hunters, we’re entering the 3rd week of gamigo 20th anniversary celebration with the best of events and richest of rewards.

Starting from October 15th until October 21st take part in the following events:

Hell of a Bug – Anniversary Points event

Look out Ark Hunters, there’s a hellbug going around! We are happy to announce our next in-game challenge!

From October 16, 9:00 AM PDT until October 20, 8:59 AM PDT eliminate the following number of targets to get your reward:

Hellbug Monarch – 30

Take down the listed enemy in Defiance 2050 or Defiance to get 5 x 99 Problems Cache or 2x Precision Bore Supply Crate.

At the end of week, a total of 10,000 Anniversary Points will be awarded to the top Defiance and Defiance 2050 players with the highest score from this in-game challenge.

  • 1st place – 5,000 Points
  • 2nd place – 2,500 Points
  • 3rd place – 1,000 Points
  • 4th place – 500 Points
  • 5th place – 250 Points
  • 6th to 10th place – 150 Points

Additionally, top players from both games will enter the scoring to claim in-game rewards in Defiance and Defiance 2050 at the end of celebration. Check your ranking score here.

Monarch Invasion – Anniversary Points event

Your favorite challenge is back! Dare to take a screenshot or photo in front of Electric Monarch in Defiance or Defiance 2050 and post the result for a chance to win in-game consumables and be one of the ten winners to receive 1,000 Anniversary Points. Don’t forget to share your platform, server, and in-game character’s name!

You can join this challenge on forums and Discord and win more Anniversary Points. The more Points you collect, the higher your chance to win cool merchandise from gamigo.

Challenge starts on October 16th for both Defiance 2050 and Defiance.

Facebook | Twitter | Discord | Defiance 2050 Forum | Defiance Forum

Share your moment

Share with us your most memorable moment from any gamigo game over the past 20 years or wish us a happy birthday.

Be as creative with your entries as you wish. Congratulate us in-game or in real life. Share your memorable moment through art, pictures, videos, or even screenshots or selfies. Your imagination is free to run wild.

Simply submit your entry via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #gamigo20 for your chance to win a limited edition gamigo 20th anniversary hooded sweatshirt.

Winners will be determined by a raffle and selected entries will be featured in an exclusive anniversary trailer.

Submission format: Post your entry on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #gamigo20
This is an ongoing event from October 1st.
Submission deadline: 29th October

More details: Share your moment

Exploring Paradise

We’re looking for the rarest creatures! A message with lookout challenge will be randomly sent on October 19th on all servers and platforms. Keep an eye for those messages and if you see one find the enemy listed in that message and send its screenshot or photo to the #gamigo20-submissions channel on Defiance and Defiance 2050 Discord.

Top players from both games will get Caeruleum Cores / Hunter Requisitions and enter the ranking score race to claim ingame rewards in Defiance and Defiance 2050 at the end of celebration. Check your ranking score here.

Caption your team

Take a great screenshot/photo with the clan, team, enemies or even alone and add a funny text fitting the occasion – gamigo birthday!

Top players from both games will get:

1st place: 6x 99 Problems Cache or 3x Precision Bore Supply Crate
2nd place: 4x 99 Problems Cache or 2x Precision Bore Supply Crate
3rd place: 2x 99 Problems Cache or 1x Precision Bore Supply Crate

Defiance 2050 Forum | Defiance Forum

Voucher Giveaway – Anniversary Points event

Lookout for the redeem codes! We’ll be giving these codes to the active players of our community. These codes may contain valuable items and consumables and grant Anniversary Points to take part in the gamigo raffle.

To apply the code, go to the: https://defiance2050pc.trionworlds.com/commerce/voucher/redeem-voucher-flow
You must have a linked account to receive reward on PS3, PS4 and XboxOne.

We hope you have a great time with #gamigo20.

Lock and Load Ark Hunters!

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