Ark Hunters, you’ve heeded the call to make a big impact and together, we took the first step towards a greener planet by supporting Eden Reforestation Projects with #gamigotreescharity event!

Let’s try our best to support Eden Reforestation Projects together and surpass the wonderful goal of 100,000 trees!

That’s right! Only with your help will we be able to reach our goal of making an even bigger impact on the planet we love so much. Why should this have you smiling? Because more trees means more rewards!

To finish our drive in true celebratory fashion, we’re rewarding YOU with a gift for packages purchased until we reach our goal. There’s a unique, one-time gift for each size of package and purchasing all three packages at the same time unlocks an additional fourth gift! We’ll also reward you with raffle entries for every tree, so your chances of winning fabulous prizes will also increase as you climb the leaderboard. Be sure get your packages and free raffle entries while you can – if you don’t win the prizes, somebody else will!

Starting from January 15 to 31, 2021 for every package purchased, you will get the following:

1x Weapon Skin Cache for the purchase of aStormy Bundle (PC only) or Synergy Crystal Cache (PS4 or XB1).
2x Weapon Skin Caches for the purchase of aEnergetic Bundle (PC only) or Name Change (PS4 or XB1).
5x Weapon Skin Cachesfor the purchase of aElectrified Pack (PC, PS4 or XB1).
8x SGT Weapon Skin Caches in addition to the other gifts for the purchase of all 3 packs.

>>> You can find the packages HERE <<<


  • The purchase of packages must have taken place from January 15, 2021 onwards. Packs purchased before this date are not taken into account.
  • All gifts can be received only one-time per player and will be awarded if the 100,000 tree planted mark is reached until January 31, 2021.
  • When the goal is reached, all new package purchases will no longer qualify for the gifts.

Let’s leaf 2021 in a better place and give the world another 100,000 reasons to smile!

More trees. More rewards.

Best regards,
Your Defiance Team

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