The World Boss Rush special event returns next week! The dreaded Drakkar has been added to the list of bosses who could use a little extra thrashing, and Bonus

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    Ice Reaver Pauldrons

    Our master crafters worked tirelessly to invoke the frightening appearance of Frost Legion corruption. Designed with enemy intimidation in mind, you’ll feel the chill surround you as soon

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Bangar Ruinbringer is held in captivity and disgrace at the Eye of the North. You might be able to coax more information out of him, but it’ll take caution—and

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Festival of the Four Winds has returned to Tyria! Come kick back in the Labyrinthine Cliffs or take down watchknights in the Crown Pavilion.

Visit the release page for

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Your faithful skimmer is ready to show off its new favorite trick! On August 25, track down a rogue skimmer trainer through the Crystal Desert and Central Tyria to

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