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Steel Ascending, Into the Caves part 2

We last left our adventures barely in the caves under the lake. “Well here to now?” Sky asks, looking down the river. “Let’s keep going this way.” Dig says.  “Maybe there will be more things to squish.” The group continues down the shallow river, and Bogfard stops the group.  He…

Berry's Battle Corner: Type Coverage: Normal

For once, this article isn't entirely written by the Berryshine. In fact, a lot of it, at least the ideas and knowledge, come from my sister, who has spent some time in online tournaments and leagues using the normal type. Of all of the types in the game, the Normal…

Steel Ascending, Into the Caves, part 1

  Now we begin the adventure. The town of Torch has long enjoyed the prosperity from its namesake, the violet bonfire of flames that constantly spewed forth from the top of Black Hill. The rare metals that the smiths were able to work with its intense heat were enough to…

Site Bug Reporting

So you found a bug or something isn't quite working right? Great. Please do us a favor and jump over to our Support Forums and let us know. We will do our best to respond quickly. Thanks for visiting and helping us squash our bugs...    

Dragon Con 2015 through the eyes of the disabled

As we all know there are many kinds that go to the large conventions, such as: video gamers, comic book fans, SciFi fans, celeb followers, table top gamers, cos players, LARPers, and yes the disabled.  Here is the view of a disabled video gamer that went to the 2015 Atlanta…

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