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League of LegendsChampion Types and Team Roles (Part 2)
26/03/2015 | Squall

Greetings Summoners. This week we will be continuing our discussion of Champion Types and Team Roles by covering the Mid Lane Carry role.

Mid Lane Carry:
The Mid Lane Carry's job is to get farm in the  [ ... ]

PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - Breeding, IVs, and first competitive report
25/03/2015 | Berryshine

And this week, as mentioned before, we'll be covering breeding. But first, why thiss is important.
The stats of your pokemon are based on three things.
First and most obvious, the species. Certain pokem [ ... ]

League of LegendsChampion Types and Team Roles (Part 1)
18/03/2015 | Squall

Hello Summoners. This week I'll be going into what I call Team Roles. These are what you should be able to do based on the lane you go into, and will influence the champions you choose. This will bl [ ... ]

PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - Team Basics
18/03/2015 | Berryshine

And here we are with part two of this article series, where we'll cover the basic terms, and the basics of team construction.
First, your lead. This probably will be the last pokemon you actually decid [ ... ]

PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - an Introduction to Competitive Pokemon
10/03/2015 | Berryshine

Admittedly, this may seem a touch out of place, considering the usual games covered. After all; Star Trek Online, Eve Online, League of Legends, Pokemon, Star Wars: The Old Republic. One of those s [ ... ]

League of LegendsTeam Positions
10/03/2015 | Squall

Hello Summoners! For my first article I figured I'd start with some basics of the game. This week we're going to be talking about what I call the team Positions in the classic 5v5 meta, and why the  [ ... ]

Subspace RadioSubspace Radio Expands!
08/03/2015 | Concentus

Hey everyone!  Station Manager Concentus here, bringing you the latest in Subspace Radio news.  As part of our gradual move to covering more content, we're introducing a new feature at the station:  [ ... ]

League of LegendsWelcome to the Rant
08/03/2015 | Squall

Who am I? Hello everyone, my name is Squall and I am Subspace Radio’s new League of Legends staff writer. I’ve been playing since 2010 and have played a wide variety of champions, with a specia [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineRelease Notes: November 12th, 2014
13/11/2014 | UFP News Bot

New Episode: New Delta Quadrant episode “What’s Left Behind”. This episode follows “Takedown” and acts as an epilogue to the Delta Rising story line. This episode is only availa [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineWhat's Left Behind - Part 2
12/11/2014 | UFP News Bot

I don’t know if anyone will ever see this message, but … I have to leave something. A sign that I existed. I’m going to die soon. I’ve accepted it. The aliens take us away one by one. Some [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineBonus Episode Incoming!
12/11/2014 | UFP News Bot

Once again, greetings from the Delta Quadrant! It has been exciting to watch everyone make their journey through Delta Rising to meet old friends, trade fire with new enemies, and unravel the mystery  [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineExclusive Actor Interviews
11/11/2014 | UFP News Bot

Delta Rising brings many familiar faces to Star Trek Online. Tim Russ, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Jeri Ryan, and Garrett Wang gave life to their characters. In Delta Rising, we continue to see ho [ ... ]

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