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  • calak : hi all. Read for love «link» book review «link» download «link»
  • Kouchkiller : Pew
  • Smaca : Pew, Pew, Pew what ya gonna do?
  • antney718 : SCREAMS
  • antney718 : lmao
  • antney718 : hey chris
  • Redrescue198 : SERVER DOWN ?
  • Claudette : What goes thru the Mirror Dread Captian when he emerges from the rift to see 5 Dreads.
  • Admiral Hawk : Happy St. Patty's Day all my friends!!!
  • Claudette : Tymmy now has a fb page "Tymmyd' go 'like' the page.
  • thekirk : Free BVG to whoever finds my pants
  • The Dominato : yes
  • PirateKitteh : Good to be here listening to TH3xR34P3R
  • Osses : DJ_Navyman is back from retirement!
  • Kahless : Sonic Assault...Up NEXT!!
  • Kouchkiller : Well Big Dogg will be out tomorrow, so stop by the IGST and see who will be serving up the grub!! 1500 - 1900 EST (I hate GMT)
  • Kouchkiller : I hate GMT
  • Kahless : Sonic with spell check! lol
  • Kahless : Forget the Targ...come celebrate with The Empreor and ROCK your Valentine's Friday!
  • Rrakktorr : Celebrate Valentine's Day with a heart... of targ!
  • Claudette : Make sure u get your Free Horta and Khans uni from Arc. today!
  • Kyzler : back tomorrow!
  • Smaca : No way Harrison, You are awesome sauce!
  • Harison : Smaca and Sybero are AWESOME

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Raidur to host John Williams Tribute Show!

Raidur to host John Williams Tribute Show!

Subspace Radio is presenting a special show on April 26th at 2000 GMT, a tribute to John Williams

4yr Celebration Recap of Events

4yr Celebration Recap of Events

Recap of events as we celebrated 4yrs of Subspace Radio and Star Trek Online!



Awesome isn't he? Of course he is, it's Kirk. Well you can be awesome too. Just follow this link and sign up to be a dj today...

Star Trek: Starfinder

Star Trek: Starfinder

"The Back of Beyond" Episode 1

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Subspace RadioGRN is building a dedicated Recruitment Team!
18/04/2014 | aCe

Howdy Folks!   GRN Media Inc, (Subspace Radio's parent company) is building a dedicated Recruitment Team!
Team members will answer to Recruitment Management, and would ONLY be responsible for  [ ... ]

Subspace RadioRaidur to host John Williams Tribute Show!
15/04/2014 | Yumene

Hello everyone!   Subspace Radio is presenting a special show on April 26th at 2000 GMT, a tribute to John Williams. Various DJ's will be presenting information about the man and the movies tha [ ... ]

Subspace RadioPvP With James Picard!
14/02/2014 | aCe

This Saturday February 15th join James Picard for your chance to win a Mirror Universe Costume or some master keys. At 2000 GMT join James Picard and DJ Jhen for a down and dirty PVP where you have  [ ... ]

Subspace Radio4yr Celebration Recap of Events
11/02/2014 | Yumene

Greetings everyone!   As most of you know, this past Saturday we had a major celebration that included contests and giveaways, and it was a great turnout!  We started up right on schedule  [ ... ]

Subspace RadioCome Celebrate 4 Great Years of STO with Subspace Radio
05/02/2014 | Yumene

Hello everyone! I first want to start off saying how happy I still am about being a part of this community. I have gotten to make so many friends that I have grown close bonds with if it wasn?t for th [ ... ]

Subspace RadioDonations Cleared
29/01/2014 | MrBlades

Hi gang,   It's not often I post on here due to being very busy with a host of GRN specific stuff (You know, the old bugbear Eve Radio, Eve Host etc) as well as it being maintained by some exce [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineSpotlight on the Foundry
03/01/2014 | UFP News Bot

This week's spotlighted mission is "Hero of the Empire" by RogueEnterprise! Read more to learn about this incredible player-made mission.

Star Trek OnlineFriday Screenshots Available
03/01/2014 | UFP News Bot

We've added 3 new screens to our screenshot gallery! Are you flying an Avenger Class Battle Cruiser, Mogh Battle Cruiser, or Ar'Kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit?

Star Trek OnlineHappy New Year!
01/01/2014 | UFP News Bot

From everyone on the Star Trek Online team, we wish each of you a very Happy New Year! Thank you for making 2013 the best year for STO yet, and we can't wait for you to see everything we have planned  [ ... ]

DJ BlogsA new year and a new dawn..
01/01/2014 | UFP News Bot

  So it’s officially 2014 for a majority now and a good time to get a fresh start on keeping ourselves organised with our new important tasks for the coming day’s, I’m looking f [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineWinter Event Livestream
31/12/2013 | UFP News Bot

Community Manager Brandon "BranFlakes" Felczer will be hosting another livestream this Friday! He'll playing through the Winter Event content, as well as answering your questions and giving out prizes [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineGuest Blog: Increasing Your Performance in PvP
30/12/2013 | UFP News Bot

Community Member General has written a Guest Blog about a set of recommendations that can help players become better teammates while in matches.


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