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  • Rrakktorr : Happy Birthday CLAUDETTE!
  • Admiral Hawk : Hey, how are ya?
  • YOUNGatTFDga : hey all
  • YOUNGatTFDga : hey all
  • RooK314 : Saturday mornings here in the US with TH3xR34P3R. Always lovin' it.
  • YOUNGatTFDga : hey all
  • Claudette : The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater. – Haldir Congradulations to SabZero and Captian_Donut.
  • Rrakktorr : Happy Bluethday, Jhen!
  • RooK314 : Awesum >.>
  • Dylan_Hunt : A nice hello from Germany i love Subspace Radio whua! ^^
  • Claudette : Today is Sunday. The interview will be aired today!
  • Peter Buxton : Hi ham !
  • Kouchkiller : Ok video card!! We WILL be ready this coming Sunday!!
  • Kouchkiller : well I ma testing some more, hang tight
  • Rrakktorr : Finally!
  • Claudette : lol...omg...
  • Kouchkiller : Almost didnt happen this video card crapped out, BUT me haz back up
  • Claudette : it's about time..
  • Kouchkiller : HERE!! Ive got a name returns with Claudette Sunday 1600 - 2000 !!
  • Kouchkiller : Ever heard the voice of Claudette? NO? Well you chance is
  • KnightsBard : HALO TRIBBLE
  • Claudette : HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM
  • KnightsBard : OMW to the party

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Star Trek: Starfinder

Star Trek: Starfinder

"The Back of Beyond" Episode 1



Awesome isn't he? Of course he is, it's Kirk. Well you can be awesome too. Just follow this link and sign up to be a dj today...

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Subspace RadioMr. & Mrs. Continuum Contest August 2nd at 8pm - 12am EST (0000 - 0400 GMT)
19/07/2014 | James_Picard

Hello folks! James Picard here to give you contestants and would-be contestants a layout of the Mr. & Mrs. Continuum Contest! The way the contest will work is Each Gender will have it's own Bracket s [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineLast Chance Promotion
10/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

Greetings Captains!   The Lobi Crystal Consortium (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quark Enterprises) has announced that they are no longer going to be offering the Undine Lock Box as in-game drops an [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineRelease Notes: July 10, 2014
10/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

General: Resolved a number of issues causing crashes within the Foundry System. Foundry functions will be turned back on. Known Issues: New kit modules do not have their own search cat [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineResearch & Development Material Packs
09/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

    With the new Research and Development system coming in Season 9.5, Star Trek Online is adding even more ways to obtain R&D materials to the game. The most noticeable additions are added R&D [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineStar Trek Online Is Coming To Vegas!
08/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

Star Trek Las Vegas Convention 2014! It’s time for the biggest stateside Star Trek convention of the year beaming in to Las Vegas! This year, Star Trek Online is proud to announce that we will b [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineOdyssey and Bortasqu' Uniforms Coming Soon!
07/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

  Starfleet Memorandum Stardate 87003.8 FROM: Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn Starfleet Command TO: All Starship and Station Commanders REGARDING STARFLEET UNIFORM CODE This memorandum is to inform y [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineLifetime Subscription Sale
07/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

[Attention Captains: Due to popular demand, we are extending the sale till July 14th, 2014 at 10AM PDT]   Hailing all Captains! We are pleased to announce a sale on Lifetime Subscriptions from now [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineExploration Cluster Removal
03/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

Season 9: Dev Blog #29 With the release of Season 9.5, the Star Trek Online team is continuing with our commitment to improve the overall quality of the game for all players, this time by focusing [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineStar Trek Las Vegas 2014 Ticket Giveaway Contest!
03/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

Beam in to the biggest Star Trek convention of the year! It's almost time for Star Trek Las Vegas 2014 where all the brightest stars in the Star Trek Galaxy will shine on stage for all to see, and  [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineJuly Screenshot Contest
02/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

Monthly Screenshot Contest, July 2014! This month we continue our newest STO Forum initiative, the Monthly Screenshot Contest. The entry phase begins today July 2nd and will run until July 31st, 20 [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineCrafting Systems Part 2
01/07/2014 | UFP News Bot

Season 9: Dev Blog #28 Hello all!  I’m the Systems Designer known as AdjudicatorHawk, and I’m here again today to talk to you about more details regarding the upcoming “Crafting Revamp”,  [ ... ]

Star Trek OnlineFoundry Spotlight Livestream!
28/06/2014 | UFP News Bot

Foundry Friday! Let's Spotlight Together Missed our Livestream Broadcast today? Check out the recorded version of the broadcast and our previous videos here on our TwitchTV Channel! Thanks again  [ ... ]


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