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  • calak : The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater. – Haldir Congradulations to SabZero and Captian_Donut. «link» pdf
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PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - Held Items (Part 1)
13/05/2015 | Berryshine

After the pokemon themselves, held items are one of the most important aspects of competitive battles. For Pokemon Showdown, only part of this article will be useful, the part where I explain just wha [ ... ]

PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - Prediction
06/05/2015 | Berryshine

One of the most important parts of a pokemon battle, and the point where player skill really comes into play, is prediction. Being able to figure out what the enemy is going to do before they do it -  [ ... ]

Subspace RadioThe Future of Subspace Radio
19/04/2015 | Jahner

Ok folks. I know everyone has been waiting for the big announcement but due to some unforeseen circumstances we have had to put it off. It's the same announcement but just a week late. Those of you th [ ... ]

PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - Nintendo Battle Statistics
17/04/2015 | Berryshine

In an interesting turn of events, Pokemon themselves have released both the raw data and an article going over the six most successful pokemon in the Feburary Online Battle season.
I'm not going to be [ ... ]

PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - Back To Basics
09/04/2015 | Berryshine

Now, so far these articles have been written with a few assumptions in mind.
Mainly, that those reading it had a fairly decent level of knowledge to begin with, about the level of someone who can beat  [ ... ]

Show NewsWeekly Podcast/Syndication Schedule
03/04/2015 | Jahner

Subspace Radio airs different podcasts and live shows during the week.
All times are in GMT Rod Rodenberry's Mission Log - 1800 Monday Kahless presents Sonic Assault - 2100 Monday Trib [ ... ]

League of LegendsChampion Types and Team Roles (Part 3)
03/04/2015 | Squall

Hello Summoners! Welcome to the final part of Champion Types and Team roles! I will be discussing the Top Lane and Jungle roles this week. They both tend to play Bruiser and Tank champion types. As I  [ ... ]

PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - EV Training
01/04/2015 | Berryshine

And now we will cover the other variable that affects stat growth - EVs. Effort Values are much easier to obtain than IVs, which require a fair bit of breeding and time to get to competitive levels.  [ ... ]

Tabletop GamingTabletop Report #1 - Intro
31/03/2015 | Concentus

Well, it's actually happening - I've actually gotten around to starting up this column.  I know, I know, I've been talking about it for months, but it's finally going to happen.  So let's get down [ ... ]

League of LegendsChampion Types and Team Roles (Part 2)
26/03/2015 | Squall

Greetings Summoners. This week we will be continuing our discussion of Champion Types and Team Roles by covering the Mid Lane Carry role.

Mid Lane Carry:
The Mid Lane Carry's job is to get farm in the  [ ... ]

PokemonBerry's Battle Corner - Breeding, IVs, and first competitive report
25/03/2015 | Berryshine

And this week, as mentioned before, we'll be covering breeding. But first, why thiss is important.
The stats of your pokemon are based on three things.
First and most obvious, the species. Certain pokem [ ... ]

League of LegendsChampion Types and Team Roles (Part 1)
18/03/2015 | Squall

Hello Summoners. This week I'll be going into what I call Team Roles. These are what you should be able to do based on the lane you go into, and will influence the champions you choose. This will bl [ ... ]

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