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S02E04 – “Dudes In Space” – Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen

In this episode of Two Dudes 1P, our hosts initially decided to do some alien catching in Elite Dangerous.

Admiral Hawk's Locker - Newest World of Warships News

Hello all you Trekkies and Warships lovers out there, hope you are all enjoying what World Of Warships has become so far, what they've been changing from patch to patch. There have been so many changes from one to the next, it's hard to believe it's the same game from…

S02E03 – “Two Dudes in the Desert divide by Zero” – Black Desert Online

In this episode of TwoDudes1P our intrepid hosts are once again joined by Zer0. They decided to play some Black Desert Online. A little bit about the

How Is This My Life: War of the Human Tanks

And now another game in the anime-girls-who-are-also-tanks genre. Because that is actually a genre, apparently Luckily, perhaps, War of the Human Tanks doesn’t seem to be a dating sim, at least. Instead, it’s a strategic RPG. Where your units are tankgirls. So, in this game, you are the commander of…

Coming Soon, From Subspace Radio

Hey folks! We here at Subspace Radio are always looking for ways to provide you cool shows and content, and we’ve got some stuff in the pipeline that you should keep an eye out for. Subspace Radio on Twitch - As some of you know, we’ve had a Twitch stream…

Tabletop Report - March 2016 Edition

Well, that's a header image that hasn't been seen for a while. But yep, the Tabletop Report is back! When I created that logo about a year ago, the idea always was to use it to do monthly reviews of tabletop products and update the world on the status of…

Making a Commercial

I remember listening to Subspace Radio a few years back and laughing at the creative commercials they played.  I wrote a few of my own, such as Tarm’s Ferengi Pawn Shop, but others actually turned them into completed audio files.  As time went on, I began to wonder about how…

How is This My Life?: Panzermadels

  So, in the first minute, maybe less, you run into an M4 Sherman who is late to school. Also, has toast. I did not realise “How is this my life?” would be such an incredibly accurate title for this thing, but there you go. And here I am, with…

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