Run wild on the beach! ARK’s Summer Bash 2019 event has everything you need for fun in the sun: fireworks, patriotic top hats, swimsuits, and more. Plus you can show off that beach bod with new flex emotes, or make special candy that gives your tamed dinos a festive look. Starting July 2nd and running for two weeks, it’s time for some star-spangled survival -- ARK style!

Event Details
- Boosted Rates (Including Valguero). Does not include servers with existing game modes (i.e. Classic PvP, Small Tribes)
  • 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
  • 2X Player XP
  • 2X Harvesting
- Event-colored creature spawns
- Seasonal candy that, when eaten, gives tames random dino colors (50 cooked meat)
- Sparkler Skin (10 cooked meat)
- Fireworks Flare Gun Skin (25 cooked meat)
- RPG Firework Rocket Skin (50 cooked meat)
- Summer Swimsuits Skins (male and female) (50 cooked prime meat)
- Uncle Sam Tophat Skin (100 cooked prime)
- Dino Uncle Sam Tophat Skin (100 cooked prime)
- Flex Emotes (100 prime jerky)
- Dino Colors:
  • Navy
  • Red
  • White
  • Sky blue
  • Brick
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Parchment
  • Mud
  • Orange
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