Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Djugg the Destroyer has made a triumphant return.
  • Glyphworks: When teleporting to the Glyphworks, there is no longer a "Gather Your Party" circle; as a

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Djugg the Destroyer has made a triumphant return.
  • Glyphworks: When teleporting to the Glyphworks, there is no longer a "Gather Your Party" circle; as a result, players who have not unlocked the Glyphworks can no longer be teleported there in this way.
  • If players disconnect while in an instance and are moved back to another map, a Quest Path now properly leads to the instance entrance.
  • The Last Bastion: The door to ascend the tower should now be easier to interact with.

Avernus: Infernal Citadel

  • Achievements for this dungeon are now properly visible by default.
  • Players who somehow manage to solo the Infernal Citadel no longer incorrectly receive achievements for receiving both the Goristro and Glabrezu's assistance, since they've only selected one.

Future Events

  • Siege of Neverwinter: Eziderax the Caustic now properly shows its lingering ground effect. (Known issue: The ground effect can sometimes last longer than its damage.)
  • Siege of Neverwinter: Ikzinfraxis the Glacial can now properly attack players.
  • Siege of Neverwinter: The red dragon now properly uses breath attacks.
  • Siege of Neverwinter: Timers now properly display on Heroic Encounters.
  • Wonders of Gond: Rarities of these items have been updated to better illustrate their rarity.
  • Wonders of Gond: The Mechanical Pack's contents have been corrected on the tooltip.


  • The Workshop now have a landmark icon on the Protector's Enclave map for players who have unlocked it.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Arbiter: The feat "Perfect Balance" no longer occasionally allows Burning or Radiant Shift to gain more than 4 stacks, which prevents them from being consumed to restore Divinity.
  • Warlock: Soul Sparks are now generated in a different way, which means that they should be consistently generated no matter what enemies they hit. Previously, certain enemies could not provide Soul Sparks.


  • Baby Owlbear's Presence can no longer incorrectly trigger when receiving reflected damage.
  • Cockatrice's Presence: The tooltip has been reworded to be more easily understood.
  • Gelatinous Cube: This companion's player bonus has been buffed so that its stats are more in line with other similar companions.
  • Raptor's Instincts now consistently applies Part of the Pack to the player.
  • Stronghold Cleric's Wisdom once again properly applies its bonus to Influence gained.
  • Tombspider's Instincts now properly ticks the correct number of times when applied.

Item Powers

  • Briartwine Enchantment can no longer incorrectly trigger reflected damage.


  • AP generation while blocking no longer persists after leaving combat if the player does not lower their shield or weapon.
  • Certain states that change the power tray no longer incorrectly refill the character's Stamina and class resources.

Enemies and Encounters


  • Glabrezu enemies are now properly immune to knockdown.

Infernal Citadel

  • Fully-fiery floor grates no longer have a chance not to damage characters under certain circumstances.

Items and Economy


  • Dire Wolf is now properly in the Beast collection.
  • Various typos have been addressed.


  • Boots of Misty Step no longer incorrectly remain active when using At-Will or Encounter powers on female characters. (Male characters had already properly had them deactivated.)


  • Masterwork
    • Resolved an issue wherein under certain circumstances, it was not possible to purchase "Masterwork Armorsmithing Recipes III" from The Artisan when the player had completed the legacy mailsmithing quests to receive their first and second volumes, and not completed the armorsmithing quest.
  • Mithral Scythes now properly use Mithral Ingots to craft.

Promo Items

  • Title-containers within the Messenger Pack and King's Carrier Pack now properly give titles, instead of themselves, in some weird infinite box-within-a-box setup.


  • Completing the Dungeon or Skirmish random queue no longer incorrectly removes the daily bonus from the other of these two queues.
  • Reaching the weekly cap for Seals of the Fallen no longer causes the Trial and Epic Dungeon queues not to grant Seals of the Deep on the first run of the day.
  • Tower of the Mad Mage now gives Rough Astral Diamonds from the end chest.

Zen Market

  • Remains of the Shadows can now properly be claimed when an account is under temporary account-binding of purchased items. Its contents may be temporarily bound to account when claimed.


  • Any seals that previously had to be purchased one-by-one can now be purchased in bulk.
  • Hardsteel Faceguard of the Healer now properly grants Critical Strike and Critical Avoidance, instead of granting Awareness instead of Critical Avoidance.
  • Some more coupons, which had been removed with a spell so powerful it left a reality-warping tear in an inventory slot, have been carefully restored so that they can expire in a more graceful fashion.
  • Storm King's Thunder: The prices in the campaign store have been reduced to match the seal store by default. These prices reduce further as the character gains campaign progress.
  • Tarokka cards no longer drop from enemies outside Barovia and its instanced areas.

User Interface

Character Sheet

  • The character preview no longer shows with practically no lighting in certain Avernus instances.


  • The count of accounts in an Alliance now properly functions.


  • Inspecting a player in another instance no longer causes the framerate to drop through the floor.


  • Certain Artifact Weapon tooltips now properly show their set bonuses.


  • There is now an easy way to reset the Display Options to default. This may help fix issues with the Quest Path becoming stuck, too.


  • When leaving the options window, there's no longer a chance for the camera to fully zoom in on the character.


  • The Mitigator (Damage shielding / absorption) is now grouped with the other healing scoreboards.


  • When the "Invite to Guild" button is deactivated, there is now a tooltip explaining why.

Animation, Audio, Character Art, and Effects


  • Kobold animations have been tweaked a little to address egregious clipping.

Character Art

  • Stronghold's Kept Armor now has less clipping on gith characters.

Visual Effects

  • Another attempt has been made to fix the occasional camera strobing / shaking on using Momentum or Warlock's Slip.

Performance and Stability


  • Various changes have been made to Avernus to try to improve framerate.