It is once again I, Harcourt Fenton Mudd, coming to you from a very undisclosed location to offer you the greatest of deals. For months, the Khitomer Alliance has chased their tails trying to locate me and my shadowy operation, but my friends, you and I both know they’re just chasing their own tails. Rather like that Ferasan friend of mine after he had one too many jippers. But never mind that story, you are here for the deals!

Feast your eyes, my friend. Straight from the very relaxed shipyards on Risa, I give you the fastest ship I have ever flown. A Risian corvette, they call it, and they tell me very strongly not to capitalize the “c.” Take a good long look at her, and take it all in, because once this baby starts going you’ll never see anything more than a blur. Of course, what’s speed without a little stopping power? My friends, I have done the impossible, and delved into the archives of Section 31 itself. It took some doing, a lot of bribes, and more than a few close shaves, but that is my dedication to you! In this very nondescript crate, you will find Section 31’s Black Ops Mine Launcher, the perfect weapon to outfit a ship that needs someone to stop following it immediately. Believe me, they work very well in that regard. Now, if you’ll just follow me…

Two new items are coming to Mudd’s Market in the Zen Store on all platforms tomorrow, July 9th! The Risian corvette [T6], and the Black Ops Mine Launcher. To celebrate, the entire store will be 60% off from July 9th at 8am PT to July 13th at 10am PT. Don’t miss this chance!

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