Aloha SSR!

First off, many thanks for clearing the backlog of donations which have been causing some concern around here for the last few months. One donor in particular (I shant name names but it's easy enough to work out) has very graciously wiped out two months in one fell swoop. While we very much appreciate this kind of effort we would much rather than the burden is spread around more fairly as relying on large individual donations is neither sustainable or desirable. That said, without hitting targets on a regular basis the longevity of SSR and our sister stations is under threat ... which is why in recent weeks we've had some difficult discussions and are in the process of making some difficult choices.

On the plus side, having those discussions has given us an opportunity to kick ourselves in the butt and look at ways of making the unsustainable, sustainable going into 2020.

There isn't much I can freely talk about at this moment in time but we are actively working on giving both SSR and ER a brand new 2020 look. We're even looking at making some drastic changes to our back end systems to drastically reduce operating expenses. There are, of course, trade offs to consider when doing this but we will share these with you all in the new year once we've sobered up and have had a chance to properly crunch numbers.

I hope you all have an excellent end of the year and we look forward to putting our best foot forward into 2020.

Happy New Year folks!