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It's been a while and I have no real excuse for that.

So, moving on, the International Kanto Classic tournamentwill be starting soonish. Soon enough for me to notice, but with enough time beforehand for me to feel confident about breeding and training up a team.
For those interested, registration (on the Pokemon Global Link website) begins February 24th and runs until March 4th 2016. After that, the tournament itself runs from the 4th to the 6th of March. It has a few special rules, so I'll go over the main points;
You get 10 battles per day (30 total), victories raise your score, losses lower them, and the highest total at the end wins.
As this is a pretty clear event for the 20th anniversary of the original Japanese release of Red and Blue (although that happened on the 27th of Feburary) the only pokemon you can use are from the first generation. The original 151 - minus Mew and Mewtwo, so the original 149. Bulbasaut through to Dragonite. Also, your pokemon may not use held items, and you'll be wanting a team of 6 of them.
The format will be single battles, using all six pokemon, so just like in the old days! With the additions of abilities, updated movesets and a few typing changes.
Also, everyone who registers and participates in some battles will be given a Dragonite based on Lance's from Red/Blue - it will even have Barrier like his did, despite that being a move it cannot learn or be taught. Now it doesn't require hacking to match his team.

As for me, I took a bit of time to settle on my team. The lack of held items means no mega pokemon, and, additionally, the first 149 pokemon contain only two Steel types, no Dark types and only a couple of Fairy types, so you're not too likely to run into then. Plus, ghost is reduced to the Gengar line, and the only dragons are Dragonite's line.
My choices, for the most part, reflect this narrower field.
First up, I went for Tentacruel as my lead, hazard setter and hazard remover. It's a big, solid water type, and a rather standard moveset of Rapid Spin, Toxic Spikes, Scald and Sludge Wave should cover plenty of bases. Rapid spin will clear any hazards people try to set up, Toxic Spikes will poison enemy pokemon when they switch in, Scald has both STAB and a decent chance to burn enemies if I haven't got the spikes up, and Sludge Bomb rounds things out with a second, admittedly less useful, STAB.
Then I went for Nidoking. A Sheer Force special attacking Nidoking is a powerhouse, and Sludge Wave, Earth Power, Thunderbolt and Flamethrower gives it a lot of coverage.
Tauros was put in because my sister told me to, although it looks like it can make a good physical Sheer Force attacker and, like Nidoking, it gets some good coverage, in this case with Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Rock Slide and Earthquake.
Alakazam is, probably, going to be one of the most used pokemon in this thing, because, if you remember Red nad Blue you remember that Alakazam was the second best pokemon in the game after Mewtwo. The psychic type is a bit better balanced these days, but it's still a nasty speecial attacker. Mine will be trying to boost itself, too. Normally I would put Focus Blast on it but, with this tournament's restrictions, ther's far less need for it. There's no Dark types to worry about, and magnemite and Magneteon are the only Steel types around. Instead I'll be running Calm Mind, Charge Beam, Psychic and Recover. Calm Mind, if I can find a gap to use it, will boost it, Charge Beam will do damage and possibly also raise Alakazam's special attack, Psychic will kill pretty much everything in gen 1, and Recover will let me, well ... recover.
Arcanine is up next, mostly because I love it. Also its still pretty good.
You can run Arcanine a few different ways, and mine is one of the mixed ones, with Flare Blitz for damage, Extremespeed for priority, Morning Sun for self-healing, and Will'o'wisp is stuff isn't being poisoned by the Tentacruel.
Finally, the support 'mon. Initially, I was going to go with Chansey, but my usual use of Chansey is based on giving it the Eviolite item to boost its defences. but I can't do that here. And Chansey has a rediculously low defence stat without that boost. Otherwise, this is pretty much running a standard cleric set of moves: Protect for ... protecting itself, Hyper Voice so that it can fight if it needs to, Wish for HP restoration and Heal Bell (thank you, ORAS move tutors) to clear status effects from the other pokemon.

Of course, these pokemon don't always learn these attacks normally, so I'll go through what I'll be doing for each pokemon when I start doing it. First up; Tentacruel.
Rapid Spin is not a move it learns by level, TM or tutor. Instead, you have to breed it over.
First, you get a male Squirtle to level 19 so that it learns Rapid Spin. Then you put it in the daycare with a female Kabuo/Kabutops until you get a male Kabuto with Rapid Spin.
Then you put that in the daycare with a female Tentacruel, and the offspring will be Tentacruel with Rapid Spin.
Scald is a TM and thus easy to get onto the Tentacruel, and it will naturally learn Toxic Spikes and Sludge Wave at levels 15 and 48.
I'll be using this one for its bulk and ability to wear things down, so for EV training I'll be concentrating on its HP and defence. It has a respectable special defence already, and people are likely to use attacks like Psyshock (which targets defence rather than special defence) to strike at it's weaker defensive stat, and for nature I will be aiming to get a Bold one, which will further increase its defence at the cost of its unused attack stat.

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