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    Hello all you Trekkies and Warships lovers out there, hope you are all enjoying what World Of Warships has become so far, what they've been changing from patch to patch. There have been so many changes from one to the next, it's hard to believe it's the same game from Beta!

    For those of you who have been playing since open or closed Beta, or even Alpha, you have seen the changes over the last year or so and they've been pretty stark, hasn't really been a gradual change, least of all not one that you wouldn't notice! For those of you who are coming into the game during patch, buckle your butt in!
    Wargaming has put such a good team together for this game it's inconceivable to think that the good times are ever going to stop rolling on in. So much new conent, so many ways to get premium ships, XP, Free XP, credits and goodies to drape over your ship, there's almost no end in sight!
    That all being said, let's talk about some of the new stuff. Now, during the last couple months we've seen some pretty amazing ships come out, and lets face it, the one thing we can't get enough of... are new ships! It really doesn't matter what game you play! We've seen two more ARPEGGIO ships come by, the Kirishima and the Haruna, to join with the previously offered Kongo and Myoko! The very deserved (after a 150 sink grind) Japanese Battleship, Mikasa! We've seen the Soviet Cruiser, Molotov offered, the deadly tier VI ship with the even deadlier tier IX guns as well as the new (and still available) tier V curiser, Krasny Krym! We've seen an homage to American warship power offered in the U.S.S. Saipan U.S.S. Texas and the U.S.S. Arizona! And now, looming on the horizon, in the not too distant future... German Battleships!!!
    Just a little to get you all excited about content that keeps coming out and offers that Wargaming has put out, I'll keep this spot going with more editions in the coming weeks! In leu of the new Star Trek Beyond movie, they're offering their "Final Frontier" missions this weekend and this week!

"All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by" - John Masefield, Sea Fever

    You'll have to hurry to take advantage of the dubloon discounts for the Warspite and Commander skill resets! Half off the South Carolina, Phoenix and Wyoming, 30% off the Farragut (which I just took advantage of) and the Ranger. 15% off the North Carolina, New Orleans, Lexington, Essex and Yamato!
    For just this weekend, some repeatable missions include "Number One", "Photons Away!", "Boldly Go" and "Final Frontier!" which all grant bonuses in XP and flags! All week long, however, enjoy "The Needs of the Many" as well as "The Needs of the Few" which also grant commander XP and India Bravo Terrathree flags! 
    Thanks for taking a look-see at my first of MANY spots here for Subspace Radio, reporting on many games to come and a regular World Of Warships spot! Go see Star Trek Beyond... it is absolutely incredible, I will admit that I literally cried thrice! 

See you all next time! 

=/\= Admiral Hawk =/\=

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