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Oh hoy yo!

Arlas back again, but this time in text form. Turns out, for the last two years I ended up trapping myself within the confines of my PC. I still haven't gotten free, but I've learned to tap into its systems and fiddle-riddle-diddle-diddle with the text output.


So, since I'm trapped here, let's talk vidya games. More specifically: Let's mention for a brief moment (hold your hatred for after the announcement) Call. Of. Duty. The new Black Ops just game out, and it should have just been called Call of Duty: Blackout, because that's all people are playing. The first stand-alone CoD to have no storyline, it's all Multiplayer, and introduces its own little Battle Royale style game mode, in Blackout. Surprisingly though, we're not here to talk about that flop of a triple-A title. Instead, today we're looking at an originally Korean-developed Black Ops 2/Infinite Warfare 'clone' that's had me hooked since one of my friends introduced me to it.



It's name is IronSight, and as many people have pointed out in the forums and community channels for the game, it should have been called HipFire because that's about all you'll be doing. IronSight, like the new BLOPS, is multiplayer only; but it does have the added benefit of being Free-To-Play and not $60.00 for an over glorified Battle Royale and Zombies mode.



The game features the same run n' gun style gameplay you'd come to expect from an 'action First Person Shooter', but it does have a few core differences: The hipfire in the game is scary accurate meaning the only time you'll be aiming down the irons are when you're engaging at longer ranges. To ease the pain of dealing with the somewhat obtrusive iron sights, there are a host of unlockable optics, but more on that in a bit. The gameplay is fast, and to be honest, sometimes it feels too fast. Grenades going off left and right, your focus is on the objective, you check your corner and BAM! Sure enough, you got shot by an enemy in the opposite corner.



Being an ‘open beta’, as everything is these days, the game is rather lacking in content. It features 5 available game modes: Team Deathmatch; Search and Destroy (basically, Counter-Strike mode. 1 Life, Plant or Defuse a Bomb); Secure Point, which is a tug-of-war over a centralized point, first team to capture wins; Resource Takeover, which is a Kill Confirmed style game mode, but you must destroy androids instead of killing people; and Front-Line, which is a two-stage capture point game mode. Three modes are only ever really played, being TDM, Secure and Resource Takeover, but there are the few occasions where you can play the other two.



There are also no 'kill streaks' or 'point streaks' (or whatever they're calling it this year) in this game. Instead, we use Tactical and Offensive 'Drones' which work very similarly. They'll build up for use over time, but net yourself any kind of points like capturing or killing an enemy, and they'll ready up sooner.





Many of the Tactical Drones serve the same purpose as their inspiration: providing Minimap Vision, tampering with enemy equipment, or area denial. Such examples like the UAV Recon do the exact same thing as a Spy Drone, but map wide instead of a given radius. A UAV Jammer scrambles enemy minimaps, whereas a Jammer Drone will hide you from enemy drones like Hydras and Gorgon Systems.


Speaking of the Hydra and Gorgon, for once we have a little variety in our toys! The Hydra, a 'tripod mounted little ol' number designed by me, built by me; and you best hope not pointed at you' (for those of you who get that reference, thank you), is a simple sentry that doesn't auto kill players like it does in CoD. Instead, it's a single barrel sentry akin to the M2 Browning Machine Gun, which takes time to power up and fire making it reasonably balanced.



The Gorgon System, conversely, is something not before seen in a title like this. What it does is really simple. It shoots a blinding laser directly at your eyes. It's not quite a flashbang, instead just obscuring your FOV when you're looking at the Gorgon, or in it's general direction. But, it's a damn smart design that definitely helps out snipers in a game that would otherwise forget about them.




To say that the game doesn't accommodate snipers though would be a lie, considering they are some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Anything with a bolt-action is 95% a guaranteed one-shot kill. Is that fair? Nah. Is it balanced? Not with some of the attachments these things can have, like a way to decrease the cycle timing of the bolt… Speaking of attachments, you know a game is going overboard with attachments when, for a sniper rifle alone, there are 6 available scopes to choose from. But yeah, for the most part they are pretty balanced. Everything else is pretty much a 3-4 shot kill at medium range, making it feel reasonable when you die.



There are three available regions to play on, being Europe, South America and North America with (I hear, anyway) possible Asia or Australia server coming. And, as I mentioned before, this game has had me hooked, especially since the new Halloween event just came out. So, if you want to end up like me and get lured in or at least get back into the feel of CoD and relive your teenage and young adult years, then feel free to join me by downloading the game from the official IronSight Website.

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