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  • Claudette : UPDATE. All prayers well wishes and positive energy has been appreciated. James Picard is going home today. He is better (a lot better than he was) and will be resting up. Thank you all.
  • Claudette : ATTENTION SSR!!! James Picard is in the hospital in ICU at this time. This is due to a diabetic episode. Prayers, positive energy or what ever you believe in to be sent his way for a quick recovery. I will update as I get them. On my way to the hospital now.
  • Raidur : Happy 4th of July, Americans, and Happy Treason Day to the British!
  • Dalboz : Remember Folks we need donations any little bit helps we have 1.5 weeks to meet the deadline
  • Rrakktorr : Singing the blues at the loss of the King of the Blues: B.B. King. Rest in peace, Mr. King
  • shinohai : Another great Saturday morning here in the US, waking up with TH3xR34P3R's tunes.
  • @ltbarber : The best tunes on Subspace. Love from SSO.
  • shinohai : Good to hear TH3xR34P3R again on Saturday morning in the USA!
  • Claudette : KY!
  • Kyzler : CLAUDETTE!
  • Claudette : 'sigh' me spellz good'
  • Claudette : SSR WELCOMES BACK DJ TYMMD, FRIDAY - 4/10 5[EST], 2[PST]
  • weezlemomma : bitchin'
  • Titus_of_Bor : Live Long and Prosper, Leonard Nimoy!
  • RichterBelmo : Live long and prosper , you will be missed mr spock
  • Rrakktorr : Today was NOT a good day to die. Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy
  • Kyzler : RIP Leonard Nimoy
  • Kyzler : Miss everyone...working my way back home (ssr). Love.
  • HYENA : What's a wonderwall?
  • Johnathan Da : woot hump day!
  • Aidan : Greeting. I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day :)
  • Claudette : Wishing our Friends and Family Whatever is beautiful, Whatever is meaningful, Whatever brings you happiness... May it be yours this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year! Let music fill the air; Let joy be everywhere! Warmest Wishes of the Season from our Family to Yours

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Fleet Listings Starfleet Fleets #01 Oceanic Fleet: 'Ausmonauts'

#01 Oceanic Fleet: 'Ausmonauts' Hot

#01 Oceanic Fleet: 'Ausmonauts'
#01 Oceanic Fleet: 'Ausmonauts'
#01 Oceanic Fleet: 'Ausmonauts'

Starfleet Fleet Listings

Fleet Name Ausmonauts
Fleet Commision Date 29/5/2011 1:20am (UTC+10)
Fleet Headquaters Starbase Ettamogah
Fleet Commander Name Doull Teg, Lostpinky, JJ_McQuade, Pup and Shinji 3.141
Fleet Executive Officer Name The JIRK, Koppenflak, Kruglack, Saxon, and Tuppers
Fleet Size Rating Huge (81+)
Standing Fleet Orders FLEET PROMO VIDEO:

The Ausmonauts:

When the going gets tough in sector space and the chips are down. Starfleet send out a priority message to the Ausmonauts.

The Borg, Romulans, Undine, Iconians, Cardassians, and any other species that threaten the sovereignty of the Federation or the Klingon Empire, retreat back to their home systems when our forces enter the action. The Ausmonauts are always looking for new officers and warriors to join their ranks in order to take the good fight back to the enemy.

Real Life:

We all love to game, however, there comes a time where real life must take precedence over gaming life. Here at the Ausmonauts and the House of Bast’Erds we understand this. Our Fleet/House is full of members, who work full time, part time, study, care for family/kids and those who work strange hours. We are a mature community of players and offer an environment that will make you feel right at home or visiting your mates. We cater to those players who are over the age of 18.
We have an open play policy and if real life comes first, this is no problem at all. You can always just log into Ventrilo to say hello, or you can drop by the forums as well. The Ausmonauts and House of Bast’Erds will always be there for you in game and real life. In a short time you will get to know the voices behind the keyboards that play Star Trek Online as we rib and banter each other. However you will also find we respect each other in game and real life. This is a great Australasian Community.

Fleet Rally Point The JIRK's bar fridge
Fleet Description History:

The Ausmonauts first came to prominence in 2410. Their decision to push forward came about from a lack of leadership and decision making that was holding back the Australasian Star Fleet Division out of Gallipoli Station, cluttering it in red tape and lack of direction. This lack of direction saw the Australasian Starfleet operations stagnate and the war was not looking good for them.

The decision was made to form a new special operations branch of Starfleet called the Ausmonauts. This Fleet is looking to claw back the ground lost during the year 2409. With the red tape removed, the Ausmonauts have gone from strength to strength, stabilising the Alpha Quadrant from those who threaten us. With the many successes our fleet has had in neutralising threats, Starfleet Command send a high priority message to the Ausmonauts giving them the green light to enter the action.

About the Ausmonauts:

The Ausmonauts is Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest active Oceanic Fleet in Star Trek Online. We have a great group of players, some who are veterans of Star Trek Online and others that are new to the game. We are a friendly bunch of people who love our fleet/house and the game Star Trek Online. We have many people in game who are willing to help new members out with all sorts of game aspects.

Whether you are leveling a new character, need a hand in facing the enemy, help with character building or just lonely in the vast galaxy. The Ausmonauts will always be there for you.

We have many features that will make your stay very enjoyable. We offer Ventrilo (a third party voice chat program) to help you communicate with the other members in game. There is a specialized chat channel in game that allows the Klingons and the Federation to talk to each other while you are playing. We provide a website, where you can discuss all aspects of Star Trek Online or real life activities. Our experienced members will have no problem at all in helping you achieve the maximum satisfaction and enjoyment while playing Star Trek Online. This is what the Ausmonauts are all about.

The Ausmonauts participate in all sorts of activities in game. These can range from Player Verses the Environment content (PVE), Player Verses Player (PVP), and Fleet Actions such as the Klingon Scout Force, Big Dig and Crystalline Entity encounter. We also like to run the Special Task Forces (STF five man raids) regularly which helps our community get some of the best equipment to be had in game and dedicated crafters on both factions supply the fleet with resources to share in. The Ausmonauts will deliver a great experience for your time in Star Trek Online.
Official Fleet Website
Fleet Recruitment Officer @Shinji_Yonazaki
Fleet Recruiting? Yes
Recruitment Email Address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Named Recruitment Officers @Doull






Primary Fleet Activities PVE
Secondary Fleet Activities PVP
Primary Time Zones UTC: +7 to UTC: +12
Written by :

Shinji Pi
Powered by JReviews
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Richard Martin said:

Richard Martin
need to meet member so i guet an invit
hello would love to join in a fleet for fun an game see on st o
March 18, 2012
Votes: +0

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