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Subspace Radio interviews Salami Inferno! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 14:28

On September 14th 2012, Creamy sat down with Cryptic Studios Producer Salami Inferno to get some insider details on things going on and about his preference in captains!

As with all our interviews you have of course a few options you can listen right here right now:

Or you can right click and save as so you can listen to it later...

Or you can read along below! Kudos to Berryshine, Faerie and Yumene for getting this transcription donebarr!


Creamy: I am DJ Creamy, everybody, you’re listening to Subspace Radio, the voice of Star Trek Online, and we are sitting down here with a very special guest, Salami Inferno.

Salami: Hey, how’s it going?

Creamy: From the dev team over there, and there he is, doesn’t even need to wait for an introduction. How’s it going, sir?

Salami: It’s going very well, I’m very excited to be on the show.

Creamy: I’m very excited to have you, and I know by the time this gets aired everyone will be excited to hear everything you have to say.

Salami: I’m certain.

Creamy: So, I say we just get right into it.

Salami: Go for it.

Creamy: Alright, so we compiled some questions from the forums, and we kinda asked everybody what they’d like to know and, well, actually, first off, why don’t you tell all the folks out there what exactly you do over there at Cryptic studios?

Salami: I’m a producer on the project, directly under Dan Stahl, who I’m sure everybody knows, he’ll be listening to this show. I’m in charge of the content team, the system team, the character team, the environment team and also manage features such as the fleet system and things like that, as well as microtransactions, I handle all microtransactions as well.

Creamy:So, in a word, you kinda do it all.

Salami: I do a lot. Zero does a lot too, though, so I don’t want to take-

Creamy: Right

Salami: -anything from her. She took a lot of the things I had to do off my plate, so she does a lot of important work too.

Creamy: Okay, very good, so, when I told everyone on the forums ‘hey, we’re going to be doing this interview’, I kinda said it’s kinda a broad pallette because you don’t, like when I interviewed Tumerboy, for example, I said he’s only about maps and art so keep your questions to that. This time I kinda gave everybody a broad spectrum to deal with. So there’s going to be questions flying at you from all different directions if that’s okay.

Salami: That sounds great. I’m suitably terrified that they’re all from the boards.

Creamy: Yes, I know you have a long history with the forums over there. But there wasn’t too much fire and brimstone, so I think we’re gonna be okay.

Salami: Oh, okay, I can’t wait then.

Creamy: Alright. I think I’m just going to go in order, basically. I actually don’t have the names of the people who asked these questions, so I apologise to everybody out there who may be listening, but if you recognise your question you can kinda give a silent ‘whoohoo’ and then know that your question’s being answered, so right off bat we’re going to go with, with the end of Star Trek Online in Vegas and the rumours of very good positive growth of Cryptic for the future seasons, can the KDF look forward to some KDF specific growth in their factional gameplay?

Salami: Ah, I hope so. It’s been bounced around, we’ve been talking about it. As usual, I can’t confirm or guarantee anything, but we would definitely like to add some specific KDF content in the future.

Creamy: Okay. So, it’s kinda on the board that KDF is going to be getting an update, there’s going to be some more KDF stuff coming, that’s definitely a direction that Cryptic wants to go in?

Salami: It’s a direction we want to go but, you know, we have to see which things take priority. It’s on the board as on option.

Creamy: Alright, okay. Moving right along, like I said, we’re going to be bouncing around from topic to topic here. It was mentioned several metric yonks, quote unquote, ago that STF rewards would not be made so random. Has any headway been made into this, or will this person have to try their luck at hundreds of STFs in order to finally get that last Omega set piece?

Salami: Yes. We’ve made a bunch of updates and you should see them soon. Trademark soon, right? But we made some definite updates to make it all a lot clearer how players are to go about earning this loot, while at the same time hopefully not disenfranchising players who went through and actually earned and got that loot the traditional way. So, yeah, we have a plan and its already partially in progress on our end to update that for you guys.

Creamy: Well, that’s great news to hear, because I know me, personally, I ground and ground and ground to get my MACO ground set, which, by the way, looks awesome. Whoever did the work on that, fantastic. But, I gotta say, I’m a little burned out on the STFs right now. I find myself not enjoying them as much knowing, oh, if I want the mark twelve Omega, or if I want the Honour Guard on my Klingon, I have to do all this over again. So, good news to me and other players like me that the grind is hopefully coming out of it, so, moving on, actually, kinda in the same vein as STFs. Into the Hive is apparently being released with season seven, I think we heard something about that, this was confirmed by Dstahl recently, are there any more plans for any more STFs after that?

Salami: We have some half or quarter finished ones that we started a long time ago that we never really, just kind of sitting around. They’re not really Borg themed, they’re just general STF quality content against different enemies. We thought about bringing them back and we might bring them back as fleet content, or maybe as an STF, but in the near term I’d only expect Into the Hive as another STF style piece of content.

Creamy: Okay, because I know I’ve been playing since beta and I know there’s always been rumblings about Children of Khan and just the idea behind that sounds really interesting and I think a lot of people, myself included, would love to see that come to fruition in some form or another, just sounds like a great story that kinda just ended right there in the commander level, or lieutenant level.

Salami: Yeah, we even, a lot of people, if we were to make another STF after Into the Hive, what are we gonna do? It’s gonna be Children of Khan, just because-

Creamy: Okay

Salami: -if you go back to episode four of the Jem’Hadar featured series when you’re in the prison, one of the prisoners you can meet is Princept Khan, who’s Khan’s grandson, son or grandson, and he would be the main antagonist in the STFs so we’re laying a little bit of groundwork out there, so just in case!

Creamy: Okay, I gotta say you brought that up, going through the second time in that mission going around to all the doors and kinda getting hints on things that may be being worked on, especially the Tholian right next to the Founder and then you guys bring the Tholians in. So, that was very cool, I’m really excited to see what might come around with that

Salami:.Yeah, that prison afforded us a lot of opportunities to hide bad guys. We can’t normally put a bad guy in an episode where you’re dealing all with Starfleet, but if you’re in a spot full of bad guys where they may escape later, it makes it very cool.

Creamy: And of course Iconians, ominous things happening with Romulans.

Salami: Oh, really? I hadn’t heard anything about that.

Creamy: Oh yeah. Actually, moving on to another topic here, a couple of questions relating to starbase and fleets, and I know you said you were kinda overseeing the fleet system. What is the future of starbase featured projects, how long will it be before they start repeating, will there be a new featured project for those fleets that have already completed them when they do start repeating?

Salami: They shouldn’t start repeating for some time, especially for the starbase. Probably into, I’m not sure, it might be January or February before they start to repeat. As far as adding new ones to an existing fleet holding, possibly not. I believe in the Ask Cryptic that recently came out Dan Stahl mentioned some new, a new fleet holding.

Creamy: Okay

Salami: And that new fleet holding will have its own featured projects. And so the goal is to keep enhancing the fleet system by adding new holdings that aren’t as difficult or as broad as a starbase is difficult to make. Your starbase is the ultimate end goal, but your fleet is working in all these other locations and maybe making other little outposts that give rewards and give fleet credits and give you new things to buy with your existing fleet credits, so the goal for the fleet system is to expand it, to add more holdings to your fleet system.

Creamy: Okay, so it’s not just going to be completely focussed on the starbase is what you’re saying, that we’re going to be moving on to, like you said, maybe, I think they mentioned something like an embassy on the upcoming - okay, can you shed some light on any other holdings that you guys might be talking about around the office?

Salami: Basically it’s all based on the diplomacy tracks, right? The current starbase is engineering, military and science, and in the Ask Cryptic he mentioned that the embassy is going to be diplomacy and recruitment. Doesn’t mean it can’t be repeated, but there’s a mining one, there’s espionage, you could have a listening post, you could have a mine, there’s a colony, right, there’s a colonial one, so the goal is to base it off the duty officer commendation tracks, so any number of those could be used and spread across different sectors. Again, the main goal, you want to get all these little embassies, these little outposts, just a general term we have for them, outpost, but you main goal, your grand prize is the starbase. It’s something that you’re always working on in the background but you might finish off these smaller outposts more quickly.

Creamy: Okay, so, actually I’m just interjecting this right here, as my own thoughts come to fruition. You know you bring up your fleet window, you say okay, here’s our starbase, we’re working on this military project, this engineering one right now, are these outposts going to be in that nifty little package in that one screen or are you going to have to go to these places to put resources into, say, diplomacy or mining like you just mentioned?

Salami: Nope, exactly the same. So on that overview page, we’re going back and forth on the UI, but on the overview page you see your starbase and the current way we have it set up is a little triangle button and you slide that over and you see your embassy on your overview page. But just like it you can go to it and you’ll have the available projects to work on and places you can input just like the current starbase system.

Creamy: Oh, excellent, ok.

Salami: It’s your fleet holdings, not just your starbase.

Creamy: Yea, I think that’s kinda like people are looking at that screen as just the starbase right now. The fleet starbases is one entity, and the idea of expanding it, I don’t think people really wrap their heads around that yet, but that it a very cool, very nice interesting way that the fleets are going, I’m excited about it for, cause I actually lead, manage, whatever you want to call it, the Subspace Radio fleet, so I’m kinda like, I’m telling people you have to put the stuff in this project, you got to do this, got to do that, and, but to have the idea of saying even more options and say sit down and say, ok, what do we really need to focus on now, getting the fleet involved. Something that I feel Star Trek Online has actually been missing for the past couple of years, and I like how this is going to be, say hey we got to sit down and really decide what we want to do here.

Salami: Yea, we learned a lot from putting up the fleet system that players are really liking it, were seeing it in the numbers, people that are playing and staying, were seeing it on the boards, even complaints saying the starbase takes a while, well it’s a starbase, it should take a long time to make. By having these smaller holdings that you can progress through much more quickly than the starbase, and can continue that feeling of progression as a fleet without having to rely on these longer upper tiers of starbase.

Creamy: Another thought I just had; Mach tiers in the starbase now, you say for military, ok, we got to tier two, you unlock these ships, tier three, you unlock these ships, these new weapons. In the new holdings, are those going to unlock more that you can purchase rewards with fleet credits as well?

Salami: Absolutely. They will be completely different than the ones in the embassy, completely different from those in the starbase, but they won’t overlap. Like they won’t be a different kind of shield; “I just bought the elite shield from the starbase, and now there’s a new shield in the embassy” these are completely different rewards that are complementary to the rewards that you already earned.

Creamy: Ok, and could you possibly shed a little light on what some of those rewards might be?

Salami: Probably not.

Creamy: Figured I’d take a shot.

Salami: There’s some new consoles, some new types of consoles, would be a broad enough answer. There’s more than that, but that would be one of the possible rewards.

Creamy: Interesting, ok, and moving along in the name of starbases, how will the starbases, we kinda already touched on them, but how are they going to fit into season seven specifically.

Salami: Yea, well, so adding the embassy is, we don’t consider the fleet system, starbases, we consider it all these holdings, we were adding a new holding, so now there’s a new area for your fleet to develop, their fleet level to earn gear, to work together, so again, it’s a little bit of a quicker way to level up and see some progression, get some rewards. A lot of the more hardcore fleets are in the upper tier, tier three, tier four areas of the starbase.

Creamy: Alright, moving onto another kind of topic here. We had a couple questions about, cosmetic things. When can we more cosmetic updates, like more hair, clothing, alien, ship part, options and things like that, and somebody said, the only question was “hats”

Salami: We can sneak in, were trying to sneak in cosmetic stuff out, when and where, we can. Typically another thing will take priority we have to make costumes for missions, or episodes or anything else, weapons or anything like that, those kinds of things take priority over making updates on the cosmetic stuff. Especially stuff like hair, making a single hair style is fine, but we forever wanted to do a hair revamp where we increase the quality of the hair in the game, how it looks, and at the same time, that new system would actually make it easier for us to add more types of hair to the game.

Creamy: Alright, because I know I, some other people, a lot of other people, either their screaming for the skin, even though I feel it looks completely ridiculous, I would buy it just because it is ridiculous, and it seems every time it got really close, that skin kinda just nixed it. When are we getting the skins?

Salami: It came really close for the twenty-fifth anniversary, really close, it was in the running, we were going to sneak it in and no, no we’re not going to do that, we might do it, will probably do it someday, but almost made it for the twenty-fifth anniversary, maybe for the twenty-sixth.

Creamy: Ok, and hats, I want a Dixon-nell hat so bad for my pimp stripe suit.

Salami: We had talked about making a holodeck pack, you know a pack for people who want foundry missions, cowboy stuff from, fistful of data, or Dixon-nell hat or Tommy gun inside of a violin case, just cool, kinda, rocky things that don’t fit in the star trek universe, but would make really cool holodeck missions for foundry authors.

Creamy: Ok, and, I know you said for foundry authors, but about a cryptic holodeck mission, you were talking about, holodeck on the starbase that’s not in use right now, wouldn’t it be great if we could walk from our starbase into vix.

Salami: That would be very cool. We floated holodeck themed episodes, not like before, in the cardassian episode where it turned out, you’re on the holodeck the whole time, something that’s completely out of the ordinary to turn up in a episode, we’ve thought about it, it’s definitely something that we would like to do.

Creamy: Ok, and we were just talking about foundry, so I’ll throw this question right now. When will we see another cross-dump in Neverwinter taking to the STF foundry?

Salami: I’m not sure. It takes a fair amount of work; your best bet is usually at a season, but it takes so much work that we tend to pick and choose what goes in and depending on how much time we have, so probably not for season seven but you never know after that, I’m not really certain after that.

Creamy: Alright, and one player here, and again I apologize for not having a name for whoever you might be out there, was asking about specifically about, will it be a better version of B'rel that puts them on par with the Defiant, and speaking of the Defiant, where there be a battle cloak option on it? In deep space nine, the defiant you tried to or successfully cloaked or tried to in heated battle was able to get away, it just seems kinda fanatic that the defiant doesn’t have the battle cloak, can you share any light on that?

Salami: I love the defiant and when we were designing the defiant, I begged for it to have a battle cloak, I wanted the battle cloak so bad. We decided to leave it out for balance purposes, and faction harmony, klingons only feature, we are taking the cloak from them so we can have it, we didn’t need to take their best cloak that’s out there for them, so that, that was a balance and design decision to just have a standard cloak, but believe me, I fly my defiant and I absolutely would love for it to have a battle cloak instead of the standard cloak. For the Barrell, it’s possible we could make a upgraded version or possibly even a fleet version of that ship that has some better stats that can bring it up there, but, never count it out.

Creamy: Alright, and question that was just posted when I was interviewing was, there’s no fleet version of the, blanking out now, oh, assault cruiser retro-fit. Is there plans to introduce a fleet version of that or is that going to be one of those; cause the c-store version right now, tier five without the extra console like the fleet ships do, so perhaps bring in a fleet version of the assault cruiser retro-fit?

Salami: Yea, we’ve been toying with one, working on one and you know, I think it popped up on Tribble for a little while before it was ready and we just kind of put it in the list, but yea, it’s definitely something were working on, working towards getting that in there sometime.

Creamy: And any chance you can share some light on any upcoming c-store ships, or c-store in general?

Salami: Ah, c-store ships, none that I can talk about.

Creamy: But is there some exciting stuff coming?

Salami: Quite, their interesting stuff, I can’t spill the beans

Creamy: I know you can’t, I’m just trying to, maybe, and the reflections in your voice get something because we’re all just thirsty for something.

Salami: Maybe I’m just not paying attention, I might miss it. Players paying attention, may have seen a few ships sneak in live for a few days before they took them back out so, those can be some hints for you.

Creamy: Of course, ok, I’m picking up what you’re throwing down, alright, and Star Trek Online is on the verge of turning three years old and so, where do you see Star Trek Online three years from now?

Salami: Three years from now, it feels like the past three years have been so long, I don’t know, three years from now, I think just more, more episodes, more content, more things to do, more fleet holdings.

Salami: Everyone has got so many ideas for some really fun, cool stuff we can put in to the game. We have another idea for another duty officer style system Plenty of ideas for fleet holdings probably some more STFs, three years is so long I mean the game has come so far in three years now and to imagine that if it had that same trajectory for another three years that would be incredible. Creamy - And I would like to, on a personal note, I would like to address the issue of Featured episodes

Salami: Sure

Creamy: They seem to have tapered off and I know when the featured - especially the first one with the Breen and Deferi remember just waking up early for me in the day cos I work at night usually but like being so excited to, for that every week it was like watching Star Trek every week a new episode was coming and then they kind of tapered off and Dsoft seemed to say that well we are still going to do it but we are going to slow it down or we are going to do it in a different way and the featured episodes seem to be such a fan favourite that I and others don’t seem to understand why you guys would take something that seemed so well received and kinda of step it back a bit

Salami: Well they are well received and we love making them because it some of our best content and we spend a lot of time making it. And so the trade off tends to be that when we make those they take so long to make because they are so interesting I mean that final episode of the Jem’Hadar series where you are space walking that was an undertaking across all the different teams giving us all the new animation the new EV suits to work the whole I mean there was a significant amount of time when into just that episode let alone all the others. That fortunately we had kind of planned ahead and had plenty of content to come after that but usually we spend so much time making a featured series that it tends to impact what we can have available right ready to go after that within a few months. So that is where people you know “content drought content drought” well it took so long to make the content that you loved that there not really anything going on there we are trying to go the other way and we are looking to get back to making some featured episodes but when we are not focussing on a featured episode you can see we can get some different episodes and sort of playable content out sooner and season seven is coming on pretty quick after season six with the I don’t know if you guys don’t probably have details but you know that there is a fair amount of stuff in it so it is just trade offs back and forth.

Creamy: Alright it is just because they are so great and so rich and you take a featured episode and you put it up against, not to knock the guys and girls who might have worked on the stuff that before launch and shortly thereafter but it seems to be that the featured episodes seem to be so much of a higher quality and so much more engaging and the other ones are

Salami: It isn’t so much of a knock it is the same people who made both episodes it just depends on how much time they have to make each of those episodes. Cream: it is just that everybody loves them and we want to see more thats

Salami: I hear it what you are putting down

Creamy: The next few questions I got are actually a little lengthy in their posing by one of our very loyal listeners quite active on the forums and in the community in general so I apologize for actually posing these. I am going to have to read to you for a little bit so I apologise for that but it is he says he feel that he needs to give some background in to asking these questions. So here he goes

Salami: Alright

Creamy: Question the Romulan Faction the probably the number one long term question on players minds if not the number one long term question on the minds of the producers of STO. It has been said that more work needs to be done on KDF to flesh out that faction before any considerations can be made for a third faction although this is an ethical stance taken but in reality some may say this is impractical. Some would say that the KDF ship has already sailed some time ago that no matter what Cryptic does not put in the KDF side that the KDF players will not be satisfied. I have noticed that the despite every improvement, addition or adjustment to the KDF faction people are not satisfied. It is never enough some people sometimes, people are down right thankless no matter what work is put into the faction to bring it up to par with the Federation side. However from the business prospective this is an albatross around Cryptics neck there is no moving forward achieving goals of KDF cos the players move the goal post each time that progress is made. Lets not kid ourselves that there is a gold mine staring Cryptic in the face in when it comes to playable Romulan faction and there are a lot of players who finally want to be able to fly that D'deridex. My question is this in your opinion what specific criteria need to be met on Cryptics side before producers should say “OK the KDF has had enough lets devote resources to a Romulan Faction”?

Salami: We just have to say that we are going to do it. It is something that we have talked about even since launch. Well like OK we will do this with season 1 and when we get the level increase it is just a significant amount of work and so we have just got to decide that we want to do it and the Klingon content even though we compressed where they start but the progression they have from I believe is it from 22-50 is solid it is not a grind anymore there are episodes filled in there you have the duty officer system you have got a lot of systems in place to make sure that it is not a content grind. I think the only thing that is holding us back now finally deciding that we need to out in the herculean effort to actually create a new faction.

Creamy: Alright I am actually going to tack on one of my own questions and ask, is the fact you know a lot players want to jump in and create a KDF character right away and they can’t do it I have to level a Fed to 22 and they do that and they go and play there KDF and all is well. What I am wondering is why isn’t Cryptic - KDF players kind of feel a little betrayed and a little thrown off to the side and as a Federation player I have always loved Fed ever since I was watching Star Trek since I was a kid and I loved the Federation the Klingons were always nice but they where not my primary cup of tea I have my KDF character which I enjoy playing but I like my Fed more I am going to be an advocate for the KDF here and say why isn’t cryptic devoting some serious attention to the KDF and say you know what we are going to do we are gonna kinda put some Fed stuff aside and do some KDF only content flesh out the levels 1-22

Salami: overhauling that it is a significant amount of time and the vast majority of players even now after free to play are Federation so if we spent a ton of time making enough playable content to fill out levels 1-22 that is a ton of time that the majority of the payer aren’t getting anything new. So that is again just another judgement call that we have to make.

Creamy: I see that but my question is where is the… Maybe theres, Maybe I am too idealistic or maybe I feel like build it and they will come philosophy is a little more, maybe I put too much stock into that but I feel that if there was some serious effort and Cryptics where to say “Hey we are looking after you guys we are trying to make you guys happy” I feel like there is new missions in general attract players new content if you where to say “hey we have 5 new missions over here on the KDF side that we put a lot work into. Why don’t you guys come over and play ‘em?” I really think that the players would move over and at least maybe try and maybe get some more KDF content out there. Is that something that has been discussed or is that just not how it works and maybe I am a little to optimistic?

Salami: We have discussed it as recently as this week at the leads meeting about ways to fill out Klingon content so that they can have a complete experience. So it is not something that we have forgotten, its just like forget its that is Klingon’s it is something always on our minds. How can we fill this out with the resources we have how can we really get them going so that it is a full and complete faction.

Creamy: Ok. Alright. And I am going to move on to the second question. This is another long winded one so I apologise once again. Question: Ambition or more specifically over ambition. Star Trek is a great IP to work on I believe that there are so many things that you can do with the game to make it more Star Trek we have seen a lot of improvements a lot of additions and a lot of really neat things to make this the best Star Trek game ever made. At the same time however I have noticed Cryptic tries to do many things at once and it doesn’t always turn out that great. Chalk it up to chronic ADHD or over enthusiastic people at your meetings you openly acknowledge you have a small developer team but you try to do so many things that some players sometimes feels that are half done or leaves the player wanting more, only you discover that the resources on those things are quickly devoted to another new feature as soon as they are released. I say to you examples such as diplomatic voting on DS9, special kits such as the Borg Medical analyzer that used to drop from Armek of Borg pre SDF revamp, and social zones like Vulcan, Andorian and Risa although the interviewer know that the players can think of more examples, I was actually going to cite the C-store how there seems to be a lot more going into the C-store as opposed to other things. While ambition is never a bad thing infact it is a key to success however over ambition can become a liability do you feel that STO developement team is now or was in the past over ambitious with what it could do with the game despite limited resources? If you don’t why is that, if you do why do you think Cryptic, what do you think Cryptic has learnt or is learning from what being over ambitious can do and do you feel that steps are being taken into account what can be realistically done versus what Cryptic or what the players want to do? I will catch my breath now and will let you answer that.

Salami: So yeah I think we have been overly ambitious in the past just because we are all huge Star Trek fans and we had such a sprint getting the game out and we knew what was missing and wanted to get to the end and spend non-stop “What didn’t we get” “what didn’t we get at launch” ”Lets get this lets get that” so a lot of times we would know schedule a little aggressively to try and get everything in that wouldn’t ordinarily always make it. I think that with season five I think we have learnt what we can and can’t do very quickly we got a lot of really good stuff in that was the season that the Duty Officer System went live that was the season that all the free to play tech and game play went live 2 months prior to free to play happening. And then I feel that season six we compensated we knew what we could do and we knew what we could do make and I feel like it shows it was a cleaner season and I know the foundry had its little hiccups but we knew it was coming so we were able to account for it, it didn’t really impact the player base too much except in a not being there but we were able to get the fleet system out we were able to get all those playable pieces out, that 20 man - which is probably one of my favourite 20 man we have in the game now - that took a lot of time and we accounted for it so that is why I feel like TF6 had a higher level of polish and completion same thing we are doing with season seven the way we scheduled it. address we make something and forget about and move onto something new here we are in season seven still supporting the fleet system coming up with a new holding and that is still a plan to make a new holding moving forwards so that fleets always have something going.

Creamy: Alright I am totally blanking here I am going through my list of questions here and making sure I haven’t missed anything. I don’t think I did so that seems to be it for the player submitted and my questions and ones coming in for our staff back here. The all important question I think this is the burning one this is some serious business here. Best Captain?

Salami: Oh my goodness! Captain of the Enterprise or the best Captain?

Creamy: You know what I will actually open it up to best Captain in general from Ken.

Salami: I was hoping you would say Captain of the Enterprise that way I wouldn’t have to pick.

Creamy: I will tell you this we will say Best Captain of the Enterprise and then if you have one that is outside of that category I will let you throw that one in too

Salami: Captain of the Enterprise I am going to give it to Picard I just feel that he is the superior officer. Yeah I think that Kirk relied too much on intangibles and while that is good in a pinch and it is good in the fourth quarter it is not good all the time. So I am going with Picard.

Creamy: You and I would have some serious long discussions about this my friend.

Salami: And I would be excited to have them.

Creamy: and it is not Kirk as far as me goes.

Salami: Ok so now outside of the Enterprises I am a very big fan of Sisko just cos I like his style of captaining I think that he has a little bit of Picard and little bit of Kirk and think that helps him a lot in the way he leads and the way that he commands

Creamy: Alright that we can agree on.

Salami: How about you what was yours?

Creamy: As far as the three enterprises goes I would have to go with Archer

Salami: OOOH… Interesting

Creamy: Yes I would and I have my reasons I don’t want to go into it now as that would make this interview go on for hours and hours and hours. But Sisko definitely is my man

Salami: Yeah

Creamy: and kind of for the same reasons as you said “the best of both worlds” Now we have a little bit extra time tell us about Salami Inferno the man what is your deal how did you get to Cryptic you know when did you get into Star Trek all that stuff people want to know

Salami: I got into Star Trek when I was a kid I started watching TNG I didn’t watch a lot of TOS when I was younger but I started watching TNG right when it came out I remember when - speaking about the best of both worlds I remember going to see the exciting conclusion to that cliff hanger with my dad I went with him we went to watch it on the big screen, projection screen with a bunch of his friends and very exciting times, so yeah I grew up a Star Trek fan and watched all the shows when they where coming out and then went back and TOS while I was in the middle of DS9 and Voyager. Yeah I watched them all I go see the movies when they come out I have seen all the movies and I have always been a Star Trek fan. That is something I have always loved and then I got into gaming through QA I was temp QA to bunch of different places and a QA manager at a couple of places and then I was VA for a while and then applied here are cryptic and got hired as QA and then I became the QA lead for STO up through about 7 or 8 months before the launch of STO I got hired as a producer I was a little junior producer and I have been on Star Trek ever since working my way up to my current position

Creamy: Alright. Where did you go to school things like that?

Salami: I went to a military school in New Mexico for my first years of college and then I went to University of Irvine in Southern California and then after that I was an EMT surprisingly.

Creamy: Oh Really?

Salami: for two or three years before I got into to gaming

Creamy: cos that is what I do now.

Salami: What do you know? ALS masterclass

Creamy: Well I am BLS tech right now tried out medic school wasn’t able to cut it but I love my job and I am going out for paid fires

Salami: great great takes me back to the conversations I had at the station about what do you want to be an EMT

Creamy: Yup kindred spirits man

Salami: I used to play WoW a lot when it first came out I would bring my PC to the station so I could play between calls

Creamy: that is exactly what I do with STO when I am dispatching it is all I do in between taking calls

Salami: well look at that

Creamy: yup alright very good I want to say thank you for sitting down with me and giving this interview it has been very enlightening and very good to talk to you

Salami: It was great talking to you as well. As a matter of fact I have question for you. You know only once per my few interviews before I always ask this question of my interviewers.

Creamy: Fire away

Salami: What is your favourite part of the brownie the gooey centre or the crispy outside?

Creamy: Oh Gooey centre easy

Salami: Ok you are a winner.

Creamy: With out a doubt

Salami: Ok we are in agreement excellent. I'd do another interview if you guys want

Creamy: alright I am sure we will always have you, but I need to talk to the bosses but I would do it

Salami: Alright great

Creamy: Alright so I want to again say Thank you for sitting down. What I need you to do is the whole… I am Salami Inferno and you are listening to Subspace Radio the voice of Star Trek Online

Salami: This is Salami Inferno and you are listening to Subspace Radio the voice of Star Trek Online

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