At the end of summer, we gave you a first look at the next Guild Wars 2 expansion, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. We have been overwhelmed by

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Team ArenaNet’s Extra Life Game Day is next week on November 6! With your help, we’ve already raised over $5,000 USD in 2020 to support Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

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Nights are growing longer, and we can hear Jormag’s whispers in every chill wind. It’s nearly time for The Icebrood Saga‘s climactic arc to shake Tyria to its core.

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    Dark Wing Throne

    With its enormous presence and glowing glamour, this opulent throne is sure to strike fear and wonder in the hearts of all who approach you. Its ornate jeweled

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    Bat Wings Headpiece

    Try on our new creepy creation—the Bat Wings Headpiece! This demonically tailored treat is sure to meet all your spooky fashion needs this Halloween.

    Mad King Mega Bundle

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