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Friday, 11 December 2009 00:36


[The RP Angle]

The Subspace Radio Network Is Recruiting

That's right, the Subspace Radio Network is currently recruiting DJ's and broadcasters from both the United Federation Of Planets and other political entities within the Alpha Quadrant to serve near to or within the current conflict zones with the aim of bringing the most complete and informative news and entertainment show coverage this side of the planet Risa.

The network itself represents the countless millions from both sides of the 'zone with an aim to bring unbiased and accurate accounts of the conflict as it unfolds as well as declassified mission reports from the frontier and beyond ...

We also aim to provide you with a historical glance at late 20th and early 21st century Terran music which our period experts have reliably informed us was when music achieved a level of perfection even the Borg would aspire to. And who are we to argue with the collective?

It's not just a job, it's a frickin' adventure!

And what an adventure! Our DJ's and broadcast professionals come from all sorts of weird and wonderful places and their time on staff has seen many of them broadcasting from strange, new worlds, exotic and beautiful locations and even right on the fringes of know space! Mostly, however, the average member of staff will spend their tour serving on the USS Caroline, a converted Lotus Flower class Neutronic Fuel Carrier as it speeds it's way in and around the Neutral Zone, doing it's best to avoid being towed to port and arrested by Starfleet or blown to dust by the Klingons! What excitement!


It's not strictly legal ...

But don't let that put you off! Just because we're technically not supposed to be operating in a war zone and are constantly being advised and/or chased out by both sides we're (sorta) a neutral party and not really bound by UFP or Klingon Empire regulations. That's what we tell ourselves (not to mention those chasing us!) anyway.

A Safe Haven!

Occasionally we put into port at a Ferengi colony or call in on our chums at Queef's Engine Emporium™ (a friendly, family run chop shop that operates from a variety of ever changing locations on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone) for a quick breather and to restock and resupply.

Sure, on occasion it's necessary to paint over disruptor burn marks and knock a few panels back into shape, but overall this downtime gives our happy crew and dedicated broadcasters an opportunity to relax and recuperate without having to worry about being picked up by the space fuzz for breaking some silly little law or other.

Interested? Heres how you apply.

Submitting an application to join the Subspace Radio Network is really quite simple. Just fill out the following form as accurately as possible and one of our keen recruitment staff will be in touch as soon as they are available/bailed out.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


[The Pitch]

If you've managed to read this far, chances are you might be interested in signing on with the Gaming Radio Network and taking part in our grand adventure, being apart of a Star Trek Online themed internet radio station that compliments our existing products of Eve-Radio and Total Gaming Radio.

If not, stop reading here, go back to the main page and tune in until you do.

Still with me? Good.

Our goal is to provide the most up to date news, information and Star Trek Online themed entertainment from both the classic broadcast perspective and a full on role playing experience we are trying out for the first time with Subspace-Radio.

We aim to have three types of shows at SSR:

The first are shows based on actual game coverage and general news and information about STO and many things Trek in general. This sort of show will be a combination of live discussion (talk shows, interviews with players and developers, round tables etc) and music (Variable but popular genres) and is aimed at those who enjoy being kept in the know but also have a keen interest in hearing about other peoples thoughts and opinions.

The second are music shows that will cater for various musical genres and light content that generally follow as a "cool down" to the more intensive shows broadcast on Subspace Radio.

The third - and most ambitious - are full Role Play shows aimed at bringing in character Trek right to your ears. These shows will be based around the Star Trek Online story but also have their own, unique story from the perspective of the DJ's and broadcasters serving with Subspace Radio. In other words, you will be listening to DJ's and broadcasters role playing as DJ's and broadcasters while doing as much as possible to directly interact with the listener. Through this we aim to enhance the overall game playing experience of the STO player while we ourselves have a good time telling you about our adventures.

Still here? Read on.

[The Requirements]

Subspace Radio operates on a number of broadcast slots on any given day. The majority of these slots are 2 hours long per session and we would expect a serving DJ to commit themselves to at least 1 slot per week. In addition, we expect DJ's to interact with their audience as much as possible and to be an active member of our community. The Subspace Radio website has a powerful social networking back end that will make the job a lot easier and fun as well as an IRC channel on the same server as the Star Trek Online main community presence.

To be a DJ on any of our stations, you will be expected to provide some degree of content based on the station's target audience. This content is not specified, but should include discussion topics, events and event promotion, news and competitions with direct relevance to the station.

With Subspace-Radio, you will be presented with the option to apply for either classic content, music or RP based shows. Please make sure you think carefully about what you want to do before applying, especially if you are thinking of going with an RP slot.

We also expect a respectable level of quality from you, this includes having correctly tagged and good quality songs.
It also includes a microphone which is clear and undistorted, at lot of time is often spent during the testing process trying to sort this so please check this before applying.

Understand that becoming a DJ at Subspace Radio requires the time and attention of a lot of people to verify your application, conduct an interview and then arrange a test. If you aren't 100% committed to being a DJ here, don't waste the time of our recruiters, testers or administrators as they have limited time to spare and don't need to be given the run around by folks who aren't genuinely interested in getting involved.

If you are still interested at this point, congratulations, you might be what we are looking for. Please click on the following LINK to be taken to our recruitment form. One of our recruitment staff will be with you shortly to discuss your application and arrange for a live test. Be sure you keep an eye on your email and log into the ticket system to view the current progress of your application on a regular basis. If you fail to follow up your application immediately following contact by a member of staff you will likely have the application terminated.

Other than that, if all goes well, we'll see you on the staff schedule sometime soon.

Welcome to the adventure.

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Special Thanks

We would like to give special thanks to Torenn for all the help that he has given us over the last 4 years and making the relay possible.


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