Question : Can I request songs without a registered account on the Jukebox site?

No, but you can use the default Guest account log in details if you prefer. However, due to a limitation in how the jukebox scripts handle requests you will probably find you are unable to make requests if the allotted request limit has been reached on the guest account by other users before you. It is advised that you create an account to bypass this limitation as well as have personal access to other functionality a shared account wouldn't allow.


Question : What is the listener pool?

The listener pool is a system whereby an individual registered user can search for and add songs of choice to their personal playlist pool. This pool along with others is periodically selected by a script running on the jukebox and features an hours worth of tunes chosen from the specific users song pool. In effect, for one hour out of every three a random users playlist is selected and run on the jukebox for all to enjoy. The currently selected users pool is displayed on the front page so everybody will know who's top tunes are now running the Subspace Radio Jukebox.


Question : How do I add songs to my listener pool?

Using the Request and Playlist link on the front page you can search for artists, songs or albums. Once you have pulled up the appropriate artist, song or album, click on the Artist name link and then the song option to display all songs attributed to that artist. From there, you can select which songs displayed you can add to your pool. Once selection has been made clicking on the Submit Pool button saves it to your listing.


Question : How many songs do I need in my pool before it is considered for inclusion by the jukebox?

Initially we are aiming to have a minimum of 25 song selection required before your playlist can be considered for inclusion. This is to make sure during the early days of the new systems active life there are enough songs in the playlist to observe all regular jukebox play conditions for a full hours worth of automation. As the number of users creating pools increases so will the minimum number of required songs in the pools. The maximum number of songs is currently 100.


Question : Can I add my own tunes to the Subspace Radio jukebox?

There is no feature to allow automated additions to the jukebox for a plethora of reasons however shortly after launch we will offer listeners an opportunity to submit songs they would like to see added to the jukebox. We will, if possible, add what we can to ensure a balance of music and content the listener audience want while tuning into the Subspace Radio jukebox.