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Monday, 19 November 2012 21:13

Earlier this month, Concentus headed down to Perfect World Entertainment to get a behind the scenes look as to how PWE operates. You saw his article on his report, now sit down for a video interview with Brandon aka Branflakes! I think they wore pants too which is totally unheard of for an SSR DJ to wear pants so we just assume by randomness that people we interview don't wear pants.....and I was just told yes they did wear pants. Okay there ya go.

So you can watch the interview right below, or read the interview or watch AND read the interview! Enjoy.


Concentus: All right, the voice behind the camera is DJ Concentus, you people know what I look like you seen the photos posted online and the infamous Trek Fail live video. On the other side of the camera is PWE Branflakes.

Branflakes: As it should be.

Concentus: Yeah.

Branflakes: Hey guys, how are you doing, thanks, its great to have you here, thanks for coming by.

Concentus: Thanks for having me here.

Branflakes: It's our pleasure, were really thankful for everything that Subspace Radio does, so keep it up.

Concentus: We intend to.

Branflakes: We hope so; I need to be able to to listen to my radio station.

Concentus: We love what we do.

Branflakes: You know, that's what's most important; I know it’s a labor of love out there, I know most of you guys, if not all of you guys, just like our podcasts are not paid, it comes out of the heart and you know you get great experience out of doing it, I know it definitely helped me get me where I am today. We really appreciate all you guys do and are really excited for everything coming up and hope you guys are too.

Concentus: So, I have been on the road all weekend out here in California area and I stopped in at Perfect World today...What is it, the fifth?

Branflakes: Yeah, no one has been here before really, um, not really, ever, at least no one from the Star Trek Online community so um, we gave you a little tour, to see some stuff, as you can tell, well I'm not and no one else here is in suits or anything like that, so its, you know it's laid back, it's definitely a gaming environment, maybe a little bit different than walking into Cryptic or whatnot but were just as passionate about all the game and work really closely together and have a great time doing it. Really fun environment and I love working here, so.

Concentus: Speaking of games what do you play other than Star Trek Online after a stressful day?

Branflakes: Um, I'm playing a couple other games as well as Star Trek Online, I’ve recently, well not too recently, but I got a PS3, so I’ve been playing some games on there, but I also, a lot of people here play League of Legends during lunch, so we call it league of luncheons, so I’ve been getting into that which is totally different you know, it's pvp, it's uh, there's no spaceships, it was an interesting adjustment. It was definitely hard at first, but that's been kinda fun; of course, I do play STO all the time. I got a new friend that that's been going from, playing from start to finish kinda on a new account, in terms of not having C-Store points or Zen, I’ve been working my way as if I was a silver player, it's been a great experience, I really suggest, if you haven't done it, it's a totally different experience, than playing the game when it first launched.

Concentus: I guess that would be,

Branflakes: Yeah

Concentus: I haven't taken a character from one to fifty in a while, I just keep using alts and were all down in commander levels and I just bump them up to fifty when I need to use them for something.

Branflakes: Right and it's completely different because now, because of all the change in the game play and how everything flows and the way it progresses and, you’re not even done with the storyline by the time you get to max level. Which I think is great in a sense because you still have a lot to explore at max level as well as all the max level content we put in recently. Yeah so, not having anything from account unlocks from my pre-order items or something like that has been interesting. But it’s been a good experience, been able to experience it like a brand new player.

Concentus: I don't know what I would do without my auto-phaser console, against the Romulans, it comes in so so handy,

Branflakes: For me, it's the Red Matter Capacitor. It’s like oh man where is my

Concentus: I’m still waiting for that. That would be the one pre-order item that I don't have, that I would really like, the other one that I don't have is the TR-116. But the red matter capacitor, fingers crossed, one of these days.

Branflakes: Hopefully one day, we'll see.

Concentus: Maybe I'll find a vintage box one of these days.

Branflakes: There you go; I think that's one of the hardest ones to find.

Concentus: Every player wanted it.

Branflakes: Yeah, yeah.

Concentus: Any Champs? [Champions Online]

Branflakes: Other than play testing here or anything like that I haven't played outside of that, so, really looking forward to Neverwinter coming up, it is epic - it's really cool. It’s different from STO, it’s all the same engine, so to say, or so, you'll have that familiar feel when you first jump in, but completely different mechanics. If you been to PAX, and tried out the demos you can see there's no tab targeting and things like that. It’s all using your mouse and the keys on the mouse to click and stuff, it's really unique experience

Concentus: It's going to come in handy to have a mouse with lots of buttons.

Branflakes: Yeah, sure, as long as you can hit them, that's a big thing with mouse with buttons, is remembering what each one does, but if you can program it right, I mean, it can do some pretty amazing things.

Concentus: Sweet - I play D&D for years and years and sweet, Neverwinter. I was not big on 4th edition on paper but as I was going through the books, I was like “this really lends itself well to a videogame, but not a tabletop game” so it's interesting to see.

Branflakes: Yeah, I can't wait for it to happen, get your hands on it, we'll have closed beta, and you know we have a perk for lifetime members at the beginning at the closed beta and their be ways to get in so watch the website for more.

Concentus: Sweet. Lets jump to another topic. The Vesta went into testing recently

Branflakes: Yes, well, private tests, private invite tests

Concentus: Public invite tests.

Branflakes: Yeah, so we did a focus testing group.

Concentus: Everyone can see it flying around, but only certain people can fly them.

Branflakes: Only certain people can fly them, uh, people have been jumping into PVP matches and blow it up, so.

Concentus: That's kinda the point.

Branflakes: Yeah, I heard you got your hands on it for a little bit.

Concentus: A little bit. I messed around with it today, it was pretty cool.

Branflakes: Yeah, it's a really fun ship, definitely some great feedback, so some potential changes coming in with it as well based on that feedback. Focus group has done a great job putting it through the running for pvp and pve, going up against different types of ships and things like that, some great feedback has come in, made a few changes based on that.

Concentus: So why go with a test like that instead of public tests, like the Rhode Island was.

Branflakes: So I think, was the Rhode Island the last one that was public?

Concentus: We sat down for a couple minutes and tried to figure this out, some of the other radio staffers, we couldn't figure it out, the last one we were able to come up with was the Rhode Island one.

Branflakes: Was either Rhode Island or the Galaxy, the Venture possibly

Concentus: Venture possibly, Rhode Island is the one that sticks out

Branflakes: Yeah, it was definitely before the time I was here, I know what's important about these ships is really getting good feedback, and I think one of the things in the forums that we, at least when I remember even myself, I was guilty of it, oh I love this ship it looks great, ok well how did it do pvp, how did it do pve, you know you just jump on it, you wanna see, you wanna put in the console but, I think it's important that we find that focus in back and build, and look at that. And this is the first time we've done kind of this focus testing before, so it's kinda like the trial run, it's worked out really well, we definitely want it to be open, in the sense were watching, I mean I read the forums every day, so I’m watching and taking note of people who leave constructive, concise, feedback, whether it's positive or negative. Seen some really great posts about New Romulus and things like that. So whether or not you’re testing a new ship or whether you're testing anything else. We're also looking at different groups, so we know some pvp groups out there, that's all they do is pvp and the feedback that they leave is very concise. They're also looking at those people who they recommend from the community that they have played with, because not everyone posts on the forums, so that doesn’t mean there’s some great people who are great at their craft out there, so we'll be looking at that and kind of adjusting as it goes. That's kind of the plan right now. It's worked out really well. It's not to say that we don't want everyone being able to get their hands on it, it's just doing it this way has provided an avenue for specific feedback that we weren’t able to get before. And it's worked out really well.

Concentus: Any chance of eventually adding in a way to test a test drive a ship to see ‘do I really wanna buy this thing from the C-Store?’

Branflakes: That would be something, I think I would really like to look into, I don't know if any plans right now, so I'll say that upfront. But one of our games, one of the games developed by Zombie, uh, came up with it, and it's one of the Perfect World titles, is Blacklight, and in there, you can actually, purchase, basically rent gear for a short amount of time using in game currency, or actual currency, very similar, and you don't have it permanently unlocked you just have it for a short time so for a few matches, or you can buy it for a day I think it is, So that would be actually kinda cool for STO, is hey, if you want to test out a ship before you, you know, buy it, you can do this. We're looking at different avenues, I’m not saying that it is coming to STO, but something cool that Blacklight’s doing and think that would be really interesting, so different way to try out different things.

Concentus: Because I know that would, definitely from my perspective. I wanna buy this ship, new ones that have come out, ok, I typically wait a couple days for some feedback before I go and buy it. Find someone who I know who's flying it around and see what they say about it. But I’m always itching to get my hands on it and try it myself, and go ok, can I do this, this and this. What happens if I do this?

Branflakes: Yeah, absolutely, it's definitely some feedback that we've received and I’ve definitely passed along, and put in for us, so, we'll see, no definitive plans as of right now, but that's something that one of our other games developed by Zombie, so its one of the games they're doing. Course, I don't think that technology exists right now any of the Cryptic games, could be

Concentus: You could go to the starbase, pay a thousand dilithium, and fly a STF in that ship.

Branflakes: Yeah, like a testing zone. What I think is different that's important to know about Blacklight is you know, you go into a match, so it's probably a little easier to switch out from your ships. I know one thing for me is like when I switch into a different ship it's you gotta go through a checklist - all your stuff, your skills, your bridge officers, your powers, training up the power, resetting your tray, so there's a little bit more work into it with a ship. And things like that rather than just switching out a kit so that's something you have to take into consideration.

Concentus: On the subject of the tray, any more progression towards persistence in the way your tray is set up from ship to ship?

Branflakes: I think we're getting better, I think one thing that's different now based on launch is when you switch back into a ship, as long as you have the bridge officers in the same station.

Concentus: It does go relatively back to the same

Branflakes: All your powers should be there. What I think would be, to build off that, maybe we can do that eventually is, like I know, I almost always have evasive maneuvers slotted in number seven. I don't know, it's always been power number seven. So I know if I go in any ship, I can click seven. I try to look for consistency, so that would be cool. If you have the same powers or innate abilities on different characters or even the same character moving in other ships, it will automatically slot those there and maybe the power tray or the power menu you can pull up has two tabs and maybe one says not slotted. So then it's easy to slot it back in.

Concentus: I always have fleet support alt zero, I always got quantum slipstream on the fourth bar, I loved when that fourth bar got added because it made it so much easier to do stuff.

Branflakes: I would like to see it be able to be shorter, cause it does go over some of the buttons which I moved into other areas but I do love that too; put all my shuttles there. One, on my tactical character think I have like twelve shuttles as pets that I pop out so I got my own little armada following me

Concentus: I got one bar of things I don't need in combat, I got one bar that is just the little armada that somehow fits on my ship, then I got another one that's got batteries and things like that.

Branflakes: Yeah, I love that bar, it was a good addition, I was happy for that too.

Concentus: KDF version of the Vesta, any plans for an equivalent of it, like we have the Bortas to go with the Odyssey.

Branflakes: You know, I don't, I'm not saying that it's not going to happen, but I know it won't be happening when the Vesta launches. The Bortas and Odyssey were important because we were giving them out for the anniversary event initially you know, for both KDF and Fed. So, the KDF wouldn't be flying an Odyssey really. As far as the Vesta probably have to be, well actually there's a few suggestions, that different KDF podcasts have sent in, that will be interesting equivalent. So maybe one day, there's not any plans for it to launch simultaneously. Those ideas are definitely passed along it could be, you know, a class that maybe we could come up with on our own.

Concentus: It would probably a tactically focused ship I would imagine, that's the same kind of concept of a multi-role science-orientated ship, just to give three more options for people to fly.

Branflakes: Yeah, I think that will be an interesting idea. They have some ships that are moving from whiteboard to development that I think some players are going to be excited to see, so, can't give any spoilers, not yet. I mean, yeah, too early; but I'm excited and some of its come from the community, you know, not just saying that because I work here but as someone who plays STO often, I’m excited for, all them, so.

Concentus: So how about new veteran or lifetime rewards now that we're at thousand days and all lifetimers are automatically bumped up to the top tier of the rewards, any new ones in the works?

Branflakes: So this is something Dan mentioned in a past State of the Game or Ask Cryptic, which, I'm pretty sure it was a Ask Cryptic, Champs and STO both put their cap at a thousand [days] so before we look at starting to extending those, we would probably do it in tandem you know, since both games offer lifetime subscriptions, might work, might not, but I think we would look at that first, then look going back and seeing how we can make the rewards even better. Where we are now, I think that's what Dan was talking about, so no plans as of right now; a thousand was kind of the end for the veteran rewards. I think that's why, at that point, decided, well you know with lifetime you're lifetime, you're investing for whatever time you can stop playing and come back a thousand days later, you're going to have it, so, and that’s why we kind of offered it to lifetime members at that time. I know there were some pros and cons, for and against lifetime subscribers. I personally, I don't, someone on the forums, I don't remember who made a really good point that someone gaining something is not a punishment to you. So, I mean, they're in it for the long haul as well, that's not to say people who have been paying monthly for seven hundred days aren't either but we got the lifetime subscription promotion going on right now, and it ends on the 12th.

Concentus: So it will probably end before this video airs. [and indeed it did]

Branflakes: Okay, so yeah it will probably be over, but yeah, definitely take advantage of that sale.

Concentus: Or the next one that shows up.

Branflakes: Well yeah, I guess since it's going to be after this one, so.

Concentus: So could that mean that the science and tactical androids might be showing up eventually?

Branflakes: I mean that was a side project that Jessie was working on, I know he posted that on the forums and got sick recently. He’s back to work so he's a lot better. That's kinda when he can get it in or when he has time to get it in but it was always just supposed to be just the engineer. That was the reward, and he's like, I'm going to do these extra so hopefully someday, but priorities have to shift into things like that. I think when you look at season seven you see everything were taking in and it's our biggest season yet. Season Eight is going to be even bigger than that, so.

Concentus: Season Eight is supposed to focus more on the story content right?

Branflakes: Yeah, that's what Dan talked about during the Vegas convention is that season eight will be looking at that and looking at episodes and episode content and things like that. Course subject to change but that's the current plan. Going to be really exciting. and I know the last state of the game, Dan also talked about special one-off featured episode for the three year anniversary and a special reward, so, I'm really excited for you guys to find out what that is, but it's too early to talk about it now in case plans change.

Concentus: And Q is coming back next month?

Branflakes: Q is coming back for the winter wonderland, it’ll be reopening up, inviting everyone to come by, going to change things up a little bit. We'll have a blog definitely about it explaining how it will work and things like that, so. I think some of the things will still be available, like maybe you'll be able to restock your snowballs and things like that so.

Concentus: Any chance of the race coming back or the Calvin snowman?

Branflakes: Yeah, I’m pretty sure those are both there, I mean there’s a lot of work that went into those pieces of it, so I believe those are still going to be working as they are. But we're right now just really just finishing up season seven, looking at the Tribble test weekend that just happened. incorporating what feedback we can and taking those things into consideration making changes and then we'll focus to work on those kind of things, so everything is still season seven focused right now, so, got any ideas for the winter event, or things you would like to see, I haven't really seen anyone start up a thread about it so that may be something really cool that SSR can do; start getting some ideas and we can pass them along.

Concentus: Alright. So Core Connect I saw that one tossed around a bit recently in the State of the Game and Ask Cryptic, can you tell us exactly what Core Connect would be in terms of STO. Would be the feature that was sort of in the game at launch where you could publish ‘I just got this accolade’ on Facebook?

Branflakes: Yeah, so, Core Connect, think of it, kind in terms of all of perfect worlds titles that are available from, well, the ones that are on there, it tracks your achievements and you get bonus points and things like that, you can share your profile, you can add friends, so it's kind of like a gaming Facebook for Perfect World titles, but if you’re playing STO you can connect with your other friends that play STO, share achievements and things like that and look at what you’re going towards. The goal is to get STO on there; there's no ETA yet on when but the definite goal is to get Core Connect or connectivity between Core and STO.

Concentus: Okay

Branflakes: Yeah, I would really like to see, it's pretty interesting, so.

Concentus: We’re about a year in the free to play now, how are the numbers looking. while we know tons and tons of more people have joined the game, we can tell that just by looking at the load times to get into Earth Space Dock or Deep Space Nine, but is it looking more people are going silver and doing micro transactions, do you have people buying Zen try to get dilithium to get new ships or do people buying the C-Store ships more?

Branflakes: I think it's a mix you know everyone has a different play style, there's some people that have a lot of time so, they'll get dilithium in the exchange for C-Store points or into Zen, and then there's people who don't have a lot of time so they will take advantage of Zen to dilithium, or just purchasing something out right from the C-Store, but STO is doing amazing. It's doing really, really well as Dan mentioned it a forum post recently; it's Perfect World’s number one game. So it's doing amazing, it's a great time to be playing, and it's a great time to be working on the project, so, you'll have a lot of fun and we're seeing more players than ever. And we’re hoping that trend continues, I mean we know that trend will continue with a lot of stuff coming out, so, lot of really cool things coming.

Concentus: Okay, so how would a new post Deep Space Nine/Voyager/Nemesis, Star Trek series, prime universe, not the Abrams Trek that I pretend doesn’t exist... How would a new series even impact STO if they set it between the end of those and when the game takes place; if it happens.

Branflakes: It depends, I mean, you know if that TV show still has Romulans surrounding it then it wouldn't be following, you know, the same timeline arc. Our timeline is interesting because Vulcan’s here and Romulus is gone, but I guess that in the Abrams movie, I guess that was a different timeline. I don't know, I think we would probably have to get direction from CBS, you know where, take any, I know that they look at STO too as well, they let us continue some of the stories that were never finished

Concentus: The game is officially accepted as canon now isn't it, at least somewhat? Because we know the Enterprise F is.

Branflakes: Yeah I think some elements are but not the whole game per se, but I know that's, you know, want to, it would be great to be considered canon. But there’s so many things, there's other parts of the universe owned by other companies too, you know, the novels are by someone different than CBS, the movies are different from CBS that owns the television series, so, yeah, it's a tricky situation, tricky subject, tricky situation, so I honestly don't know how it will affect it, but I know we kinda look at that and say, ok how does this affect the STO universe, so.

Concentus: Okay. So, what is the most ordered takeout food, or the best food that someone has brought into the office?

Branflakes: Well, no one has sent me anything, and I'm pretty much, other than - up here in Perfect World we’ve got the video team, we have marketing, so those are all working on STO, but I'm really the only dedicated, well, semi-dedicated, no, I'm one hundred percent STO, that's the only game that I'm supporting working on. I mean I'll help out in other games, you might see a post from me in other games to help out if someone on vacation or something like that, but STO is my dedicated game. So I haven't really seen anything brought here, but I know Cryptic has got a lot of stuff, they get beer, pizza, yeah, they've gotten a lot of interesting - brownies, homemade items that people bring over so, it's really nice to be able to get that and hear about it, you know, save me one I’ll be down in a month, but I mean there's definitely been things that have been shipped over from out of the country and or even locally you know to thank the team, so, I think that's really cool, so.

Concentus: So emerging technology in computing and gaming, where do you see that taking the MMO industry? I guess we can say, touch screens.

Branflakes: yeah, there's, I think the possibilities are endless. I think looking back at when STO launched and now there's so much new technology that really could take not only STO but other MMO's pieces, even more so, with 3D technology making a comeback, being immersed in the environment. You know, virtual simulator, or put on glasses and you’re moving around in the environment and things like that. Like, how cool would that be too; when you get on a ground mission; be able to take on, put on some suit that you, you know, you’re actually moving through the content and things like that.

Concentus: Aside from the fact it would probably give me a splitting migraine that sounds cool.

Branflakes: I don't know how a starship would, flying your arms out. There’s some options you could do, just do, Picard engage and you just go.

Concentus: Motion based control, hack a Kinect and stick it on top my monitor and be able to that, that would be awesome, or touch screen interface built into my desk and play the game..

Branflakes: And you kind of, we're kind of looking at things like that, and I think STO Gateway is one of those things that people been hoping for a while, and it's just in the beta phase. think about all the endless possibilities that are possible to use the STO Gateway, you know, how much of STO could be available outside of the client, you know, duty officers I know would be amazing to get on there, that's kinda like ours, one of our goals for it. Need to get some of the initial programming into in first but I think this brings back the captains, captain profile for yourself. I would love to be able to have other players see your profile, that would be really cool for pvp matches, asking what you’re using, see what you’re up against.

Concentus: Who's actually using what they're supposed to be using in a PVP match.

Branflakes: Or you know, you know, you never been able to look at someone else’s gear, like great match, what are they wearing. A lot of other games you can actually see someone else’s paper doll, so to say, so I think that would be cool.

Concentus: For STO, looking at someone else’s skill setup.

Branflakes: Exactly.

Concentus: Some people I know don't like to publish what they do for their skills, so say probably want to make that optional. I have people ask me, what's your skill set? You fly a tank, you, no one can destroy you in PVE, or course if I go in PVP I get destroyed in five seconds, then people still go, ok how's your skill set up, are you wasting points in driver coil, could definitely input more feedback that people could get there.

Branflakes: I agree, I think that right now, the STO academy that does the skill planners is amazing, so maybe incorporate somehow share that easily, more easily, like a export or something, but the, it's really exciting where technology is going and I know things can just, are growing from here exponential rate so, it's a really exciting time to not only have a hobby in the industry or playing video games, but to be in the industry too. the foundry is just another amazing piece of technology, like every game, MMO coming out there is looking at the foundry that cryptic has developed, and their like how can you do something like this, it's, you know, unbelievable. The story content that I play through each week, when running through missions that are being considered for foundry spotlight, I'm constantly amazed.

Concentus: Most of the time I've spent in the foundry, is quick little run offs to get my daily done, but when I get time, I'll do it, I'll sit down and play through some foundry missions to get my daily then I’ll just keep going, ok let me see the rest of this plot. It's nice, definitely adds more story, players can definitely produce stuff faster.

Branflakes: Yeah, it's not only faster but they also take more time, so I mean, authors like AlleyMack who will spend six months on a mission. imagine a Cryptic developer spending six months on a single mission.

Concentus: On a single mission.

Branflakes: That's why they’re so great, I mean, developers may not have six months to work on a mission, so it may not be as long, or...

Concentus: Players can make that mission their entire priority without getting pulled off on other things.

Branflakes: Exactly and I think that Cryptic missions and foundry missions are different in a sense of; you know with Cryptic missions, we can either do some new technology or species at first, and things like that. New ways to interact; like if you been on new romulus or some really new interesting things, hopefully we can get some of that into the foundry too. I know there's a big, community who would like to get doffs somehow through the foundry like we had in the DS9 featured episode.

Concentus: That's really cool.

Branflakes: So something like that would be really cool, so you know.

Concentus: Or ability to do a featured episode, uh, Foundry mission without having to bring down a full away team, do a one, I’ve had ideas for Foundry missions where it's just your captain.

Branflakes: Well there are some workarounds for that, if you look in the foundry forums, players have found out some ways, some really creative ways to do things where they can make themselves spawn to their bridge officers don't spawn near them, they're like a little lower, so, you're not, you're able to do that kind of, you know it's working way around it and also, forget who did it, but there was something so interesting, two new things recently, so, well three, one was recent, a couple authors have picked up on it. you know we warp to system in the same map, so you go warp then you drop out of warp and it's a whole new part of the map.

Concentus: One of the early missions has that.

Branflakes: Yeah so, they kind of implemented that, there's things being done with transporter effects; like you transport into the same map and it does this effect that authors are doing and then another one where you use the turbo lift in the same mission and it like incredible, like the things that players are able to come up with. Another thing that triggers, you know there's no timers, but what they'll do is set enemies in a corner to fight each other then when they die, it, you know, a trigger happens, it will have a time limit, ok if I put two enemies fighting each other and this one dies then the timer ends you know it's really interesting what players come up with.

Concentus: Kinda build your own timer routine.

Branflakes: Exactly, while that tech isn't in there yet for players you know, there will be something really cool to get in but players are finding amazing to still make the content they want to make so.

Concentus: So what about in the way of the episode lower decks where you detailed more of your crew, the duty officer system where sort of did that, but any possible, a step between a bridge officer and a duty officer maybe. Maybe something more like the department head, instead of department heads being a bridge officer, promote a duty officer to a department head.

Branflakes: Yeah, so I know that, you can kind of see that UI already in for bridge officers, there hasn't really been really much work on it since then so, hopefully we can revisit that, cause I think that would be, that would just open up another avenue for, content wise, as well as being able to really customize your crew. You being the captain you got your bridge officers, now you got your duty officers, or who's running your departments and things like that, so. the bridge crew is supposed to be the bridge crew.

Concentus: I don’t need my bridge crew spending all this time down monitoring the science labs I need them manning my science console. That would lead into the first officer system too I guess, which we talked about every now and then.

Branflakes: Yeah so, when you're making a video game it comes down to priorities and things like that and priorities shift all the time. One thing might be planned and then, that's why we say subject to change because don't want to get someone’s hopes up and I think we've all been in that situation where we knew something was going to be worked on and then something changed a little bit different. There's reasons why those things happen. So, yeah I mean, I would love to see that system get worked on too it's just a matter of priority and time and things like that. Team is growing, I mean it's like, I feel like every week I'm meeting someone new on the team, which is great.

Concentus: More people, more things you can work on. Speaking of things we were promised at one point, we got into the hive in testing, which actually is now on Tribble.

Branflakes: I've not had a chance to.

Concentus: I did try the ground portion of it, but I got stuck with the bug at the beginning where nothing was attackable, nothing was spawning.

Branflakes: The shield?

Concentus: The shield...

Branflakes: The force field, couldn't get past the force field.

Concentus: Couldn't get past the force field.

Branflakes: So yeah, that was fixed. happened right before my event too, so I had to go in and manually pull players in so they could get through it but yeah, that has been resolved, and now we have the space portion, which was a surprise to me, the team know how much I love STF's and I've definitely ran my fair share, I'm pretty sure, over a thousand combined since launch, since each of them launched. You know, not just the revamp. But you know when I found out the, they decided to make a space portion too, which is Dan posting on the forums, I’m like, wait what, then they like, “But Brandon says it's just ground”, and he's like “Oh well then it's a surprise for him too”, which were in different offices so I don't know like everything that's going on, I know the things that I need to know to be able to do, you know things, website things, I’m definitely involved in those kinds of discussion and know a lot that's going but those things and little surprises here and there too which is fun to still be surprised, cause they know how much I love the game and you know I miss that exciting, you know, like.

Concentus: Something that we don't know about.

Branflakes: Yeah, like I was testing new romulus going through a few things, but I made purposely sure not to do everything, so then when it goes to holodeck I got brand new stuff to take my character through that even I haven't done so I’m excited for that. So much to do on the new romulans.

Concentus: So now that the Borg storyline will be ending, sort of - with into the hive, maybe Terradome could go get a revamp?

Branflakes: Yeah it would be really interesting, I mean we’re always going to be looking at what new STF's we can make and things like that. I think that you know this is really the first STF since terradome; yeah. I mean there's been some 5-man events here and there, but you know, there's certain criteria that has to be met for it to be an STF, so to say. That kind of Gozer set that standard of what makes an STF so, yeah while this is the culmination of the borg STF's, it will be really interesting what other ones we can do. I mean I don't know of any plans right now, but it would be interesting to revisit some of those STF's that were first talked about. You know.

Concentus: Children of Kahn.

Branflakes: Exactly, so if things going back and doing things like that.

Concentus: Children of Kahn was hinted at in the romulan, no in the facility 4028 some guy escaped who's the one who wanted to get out, and no, he, who was the romulan you captured in the romulan missions they also escaped, beamed out somehow Iconians or...

Branflakes: No, no, no.

Concentus: Taris?

Branflakes: Taris.

Concentus: You captured Taris, then in 4028 they escape.

Branflakes: Yeah so things like that we can set up for featured stories, whether those stories continue, it's nice they're kind of setup so if we want to revisit it.

Concentus: The foundry, users can go in and make their own missions off of it.

Branflakes: Yeah that's true, the foundry challenge going on right now is actually; create a 6th episode or one of the featured episode series. so either DS9, or the Breen, Romulan, or Devidian, make the 6th episode, so that should be kind of interesting to see what they come up with.

Concentus: I’d like to see the Devidians come back from war, cause right now you fight them in the featured episode series, then you fight them in that one mission, in the romulan missions, which used to be worst mission ever until Proton gun got added.

Branflakes: Yeah, I'd love to see more of those stories continue, so...

Concentus: More Iconians.

Branflakes: Right, well yeah other than the little things here and there, you know, but that's kind of like, we'll see, you know that's kind like always been talked about I think the overarcing story, what's going on with the Ionians, what things here and there their involved with like on nukara and things like that and so set in the stage.

Concentus: Nukara was fun, that was definitely a fun adventure zone, I guess tied in with the reputation system, in the future, when something like that, the tholian set, used the reputation system instead of being from a box.

Branflakes: So that's something we're considering. Al [Rivera (AKA CaptainGeko)] did a recent interview where he talked about, you know, the reputation system and what other reputations can we do, like anti-tholian reputation system, or pvp reputation system, or different things like that, we definitely want to, you know we got this first generation, so tweak it from there and then see where we can branch out. I think the possibilities are endless now with that kind of groundwork laid.

Concentus: I definitely like the idea of adding new passives in and I like the idea of adding more active powers, but then there's also ok, my power bar is cluttered enough as it is.

Branflakes: Mine is full, that's for sure, it's like what do you put on the sidebar.

Concentus: So with the passives, when we eventually, I know it's talked about right now, the ability to go re-trait a character...

Branflakes: Yeah that's been talked about for quite some time, and you know, there's going to be technology required to make that happen but I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility of, it's just more like a when, when, again priorities, I know I’ve seen things for like re-gender, like people post on the forums, re-gender, re-trait, re-species, so things like that, don't have an ETA, but I know that's definitely one of those lists of potential features we can get in.

Concentus: So what other canon ships are possibly in discussion? We got the Vesta coming in, which is soft canon, there’s the ambassador, tossed around every now and then, Andorian ship, or maybe even interiors there’s, I think at one point there was talk of a NX interior, which would be totally weird but, every time I heard it talked about, oh totally want that, I would totally put a NX bridge on all my ships.

Branflakes: Like say we got the TOS bridge right now, so its a replica, I think those are really fun to do, and I think the team really enjoys them, it comes down to finding the right time to do it, you know and if it can be done, I mean there's some huge things we have, you know, obviously you seen season seven, it takes all the resources, you know, things like everyone’s working on it. As the team grows, we're going to be able to make a lot more, so those are kind of things to think about. In terms of canon ships, definitely the ambassador has been thrown around, I know that Al [Rivera] said it's coming, when is it coming is the important part. There's another, there's, if only it was week later, if only you were in here a week later, there's another canon ship coming, very soon, but I would have been able to talk about it; if it was next week, but I can't talk about it right now.

Concentus: Nooooooooo!

Branflakes: But maybe by the time this airs, I don't know.

Concentus: I can definitely delay it until then.

Branflakes: No, you gotta put it out but...

Concentus: It won’t go on air until next week.

Branflakes: Yeah, you'll see some news about it and be like, that's out of the blue, so...

Concentus: And now I’m thinking...what are we missing. So when we get more shuttle content.

Branflakes: Well, so one thing that has been talked about, you know, we were waiting for that new technology to set your default shuttle, which now you can, comes with Season 7.

Concentus: Which everyone has been like; “Yes finally”!

Branflakes: So now, it's so much, a lot of people don't do the shuttle content because it's like, I got to go switch out of it, and rearrange everything.

Concentus: Get out of everything.

Branflakes: And now you don't have to worry about it.

Concentus: Now we can just have a shuttle we can leave set up all the time.

Branflakes: Exactly, so when you do a mission in your shuttle you can go to your bridge and change it, but take out that one step to be able to do this for that content, and I think we're going to start see more.

Concentus: And depending on what interior your used, that could be a bit of a run.

Branflakes: True, right.

Concentus: If you got the large interior you got to run a bit.

Branflakes: You got to go to engineering, or what-not so...

Concentus: There is one really nice thing about the D’kora bridge, ok I can just ease right into my bridge and jump right into a shuttle.

Branflakes: Yeah, everything is right on the bridge, duty officers, klingons can; so one thing that comes up often; they're like, why can't I, why for my klingon ship can I set a trophy but you don't see the trophies anywhere, so there's a klingons mission; I think it's bringing down the house.

Concentus: Yeah, the end of bringing down the house.

Branflakes: You have to a trophy, so we needed to put those on the ship so they only had bridges so that you can set the trophy and complete the mission so you might see that on the klingons ships.

Concentus: Was the, what was the other one, decode the files for the Romulan featured episode series?

Branflakes: Oh right you have to go to the ready room, yeah, so all those issues should be resolved, ones that have just the bridge.

Concentus: Any new bridges in the works? or if you wanted to make a bridge?

Branflakes: If I personally want to make a bridge.

Concentus: Cause right now we gotten specialty bridges, we got the Sao Paulo bridge, we got the enterprise, the TOS bridge.

Branflakes: I think I would really like to see the sovereign bridge, the actual.

Concentus: The first contact bridge.

Branflakes: The first contact bridge, yup, also maybe the battle bridge for the D, from the galaxy, like you could go visit it, you know; as part of the interior think it would be cool, so, I would also really like to see more, full interiors, like the defiant ones, so...

Concentus: That was, I loved it when it came out, I'm not, I used to flying escorts all the time, switched to cruisers now but I jumped right on that cause I loved the idea of just, this is the interior for the ship.

Branflakes: Right.

Concentus: It's not a generic interior.

Branflakes: Yeah it's pretty cool, I love it.

Concentus: Ok, off the wall question, DJ Berryshine wants to know if you have a favorite pony.

Branflakes: A favorite pony, probably, just because I see it so much, that pink my little pony that the PVPers use in the forums. Probably that one cause I see it so often. Yeah, they all use the pink pony, that's my favorite pony. The STO pink pony.

Concentus: Whoosh, right over my head.

Branflakes: You start to see things too when you read the forums all day.

Concentus: Yeah, I keep an eye on the dev tracker and I hop in the forums once or twice today just to see what's going on, Thursday I hop in a lot cause I got to grab material for my show and see what's new, what's new, what's new.

Branflakes: Yeah.

Concentus: DJ Suzanna wants to know if we can have a bigger boat, which could be a jaws reference or could be could we fly V’ger.

Branflakes: Oh gosh, I don't know if you guys saw, but there was that row boat that accidently made it in.

Concentus: I loved that joke, that was totally hilarious, when I saw that.

Branflakes: That's JamJamz boat, if you see his avatar, people work on their, in their free time they can make something funny if they want, so he did that, and it accidently got into the foundry, I think it was.

Concentus: Showed up in the foundry, tier five constitution or something and just got such a laugh out of that.

Branflakes: I told the guys in my free time I want a flying box of cereal with spoons as nacelles, for Branflakes, so, I don't think you'll ever see that on the holodeck.

Concentus: It will show up in the foundry, or something.

Branflakes: Oh man, bigger boat, oh gosh, I mean.

Concentus: What is the biggest ship in game right now?

Branflakes: Odyssey.

Concentus: It's either the odyssey or the sovereign in terms of overall length.

Branflakes: I think it's odyssey, you know one thing that people wanted was the J, but that thing is like.

Concentus: How you going to fit it in to begin with.

Branflakes: That's like larger than earth space dock with or something like that.

Concentus: Yeah and just makes sense in the game.

Branflakes: Yeah, so it also comes down to, funability, I don't think that's a word, you know you want it to be fun, to it, it's a video game after all.

Concentus: You want to be able to fly a ship and not just sit there and hold the left button for a while.

Branflakes: I know right, and it doesn’t even turn, you know, like takes, you go out of the ten kilometer range anyways if you try to turn it. who knows, who knows what the biggest ship is going to be, but right now, I'm pretty sure it's the odyssey.

Concentus: That sounds right,

Branflakes: Yeah.

Concentus: Odyssey is also well its a flying brick, it's a fun flying brick.

Branflakes: Throw some mark 12 RCS's and it will be a little better.

Concentus: RCS and max out the turn rate.

Branflakes: Turns a half brick.

Concentus: That's why I like the decor, it's a cruiser, it's got, it's got the health of a light cruiser, but it turns like an escort if you build it correctly and it’s really fun to fly a cruiser that uses cannons built into this really tiny fire arc, like I flew the Gal-X for a while and I put the quad cannons on that thing and yellow came out and I just do these fly out quad cannon phaser lance salvo and I just start circling around.

Branflakes: Right right, and I, you know the Vesta's a science ship but it looks like a cruiser, but it...

Concentus: It flies like a escort.

Branflakes: Kind yeah, I mean it's got a great turn rate, it's got tradeoffs though for having the turn rate and the cannon you use on the auxiliary and things like that.

Concentus: You’re not supposed to be flying right into combat, your support attack.

Branflakes: Yeah I consider it like a shark, you go in for your attack then circle back around.

Concentus: Go in, fly out, drop a gravity well.

Branflakes: Yeah yeah, it's fun, it's a really fun ship.

Concentus: Oh gosh, all the things that ended up on this list, you got any questions?

Branflakes: Um, what Subspace Radio got planned for season seven really.

Concentus: Were going to do full forty eight hours of DJ's.

Branflakes: Cool, cool.

Concentus: More than that, actually we're trying to do a full weekend at least, we're hoping to get Friday and maybe Monday in it as well, do some giveaways, got some Zen to give away.

Branflakes: Ok.

Concentus: We're going to dig into our prize bank and dig out some ships.

Branflakes: Nice.

Concentus: We've been stockpiling the mirror ships and all that kind of stuff, cool lock box loot that people have been giving us to give away.

Branflakes: Cool, that's really awesome, again, we really appreciate everything that subspace radio does and all the listeners out there too so, thank you guys and really appreciate your support, season seven is going to be amazing, season eight is going to be just as amazing and better. so lots of exciting things coming out, it's a great time to be playing STO, it's a great time to be a Star Trek fan.

Concentus: Great time to be a radio DJ.

Branflakes: Be a radio DJ.

Concentus: I love this game, every day I get home, it's ok, gotta boot up, my doffs, maybe do a couple missions, jump over to champs for a bit, still be able to talk to people, I love the chat server for cryptic games, it's like, I don't have to be in the game, I can talk to people.

Branflakes: I believe that's plan for Neverwinter too, being able to cross chat and, I think, cause you're able to log into the same account, now it's free to play so that makes it easier too.

Concentus: So I am DJ Concentus and I'm here at perfect world entertainment, redwood city California.

Branflakes: And I'm Brandon Felczer, community manager for Star Trek Online and live long and prosper.

Concentus: Keep it tuned in to subspace radio the voice of Star Trek Online.

Branflakes: The voice of Star Trek Online.

Concentus: Dramatic pause.

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