Oh! Are you comin’ on back to da land of Fey? Have our wilds been callin’ ya?! Well, ya are just in luck for ya have a friend that’s been gatherin’ some fine lil’ trinkets for ya! Some lil’ something somethings that will help ya fit right into the land of Fey!

Looking the Part!

If you plan to stay in the land of Fey, it might do you some good to find some wings! Not just to fit in, but to fly! These Butterfly wings will be able to help you traverse the lands and to fit in with all the fairy folk you might find! Note: Mount is account wide reclaim. The tooltip will be updated to reflect this.

But besides wings, you may need some floral things! And for that, we have created a Barkskin enchantment gem with a new, fresh look!

Of course fairies like to horde shiny things, so you will also receive Coalescent Wards and gems, as well as the title Wild Child!

More Where That Came From!

But there is more in store for you when you finally make it to Sharandar and our new adventure begins! For you will also get some of a Fairy’s Favorite Things! And the first is a friend!

This Eladrin can help guide you through the wilds and bring some color to your life! With her, you will also receive Lockbox keys and some currencies that will help you with the locals!

But while the Eladrin will be your new companion, you will also receive a Fey’s best friend! Diamonds!!

In Sharandar, you will find diamonds scattered about, and by forging them together you might create an artifact of old! Or something shiny and new!

Well, what delectable surprises await ya! Besides all the great items that ya will get right away from purchasing the Expedition Pack of Fairy Finds, there is the extra item pack ‘Fairy’s Favorite Things’ to be claimed once Neverwinter: Sharandar goes live! With the purchase of the Expedition Pack, the Fairy’s Favorite Things will be yours to pick up free at the Reclaims Agent!

If you are interested in these shiny, fairy things, please check out the Zen Store for this new pack – now available for purchase on PC!

Chantelle Tatum
Systems Designer

Note: Pack is discounted by 25% until February 9.

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