Tell us about your Guild. What is your primary area of focus?

The primary area of focus for the Dauntless Bananas is PvP. We play exclusively CP-Cyrodiil in the Gray Host campaign for the Aldmeri Dominion, and we have a Guild run every day. We have an amazing community of Guildies from all over the world that join us on voice chat to coordinate, hang out, and sing our war chants while we fight for the Queen. Once a month, we also have a Guild event where we dress up for a theme or coordinate our builds.

Apart from the daily PvP-fun, there is a large social aspect to the guild that has really started growing over the past six months, too.

War chants!? Could you share one of them with us?

Well, they are different every time because we make them up as we go along. They are often about the next Keep we are going to siege or defend. For example, Brindle becomes Brindella, Drakelow becomes Castle Dracula, Nickel is Nigel, Carmala becomes Carmalala Ding Dong (don’t ask, we’ve forgotten how that happened), and we sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” every time we go to Roebeck. The little songs are great for morale, and it makes the Alliance War more fun.

Here is our rendition of “Row Row Row Your Boat”:

“Roe, roe, roe your boat gently down the stream,

If you see an enemy, throw (insert Guildie name here) in!”

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