Ark Hunters, you’ve heeded the call to make a big impact and together, we took the first step towards a greener planet by supporting Eden Reforestation Projects with #gamigotreescharity

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The Arctic Assassin Pack is 15% off during this week to ensure your hunts throughout the cold winter months and chill your enemies’ hearts.

Includes following items in Defiance 2050:

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As we begin the 2021, we have special items up for sale!

In Defiance 2050 save 35% off Caeruleum Core which can beused to buy previously unlocked prototypes and for specific

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An hour is nothing until it becomes everything! Do you love travelling the world of New Frontier in search of new challenges? Then we might have the right challenge prepared

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Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. Stay safe whilecelebrating Solstice Strike in Defiance and Defiance 2050 and visit our in-gamestore to sweeten the most beautiful time of the year with

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